Smile for the Joy of Others

Smile for the Joy of Others

Monday, December 17, 2012

Broken Thoughts from a Broken Heart

On FB, I share a little more of my thoughts than I do here.  Mainly because they are shared in "fragments" and not as a whole 'blog post'.  It wouldn't serve any purpose to record my many thoughts via blog multiple times a day.  And when tragedies such as the Sandy Hook killings happen, I have so many thoughts that I need to 'get out of my head' and FB provides an outlet for those thoughts. 

In attempt to keep ongoing journals on here as a way of reminiscing in the future I am gonna list the thoughts I shared on FB as a blog post. Each paragraph will be different thoughts that I posted at different times as I processed the tragedy throughout the weekend.

"In response to some of the posts, blogs and tweets I've read:
I have seen such a variety of emotions and responses regarding the tragedy at Sandy Hook. Some have been the sweetest most sincere raw emotions one can express as parents and teachers. I have also seen responses that have been nothing but judgement, political rants and raves, criticisms and "I told you so". I've even seen people use this opportunity to prove there is no God...but just as opposite Christians who are using this opportunity to politicize God in schools. And I must say, I've even been disappointed with some of the responses from Christians...from skeptics and non believers, I expect such responses but Christians...NO! And now it's time for my rant, albeit, it might not be the time or place. But during a time of such tragedy, the last impressions non believers and skeptics need to see or hear are the ones that show lack of faith, love, mercy and grace. It's times like this that our faith in Christ can be a beacon of hope and light. This is NOT the time or incident that we start pointing to reasons as means of a blame game as to why this happened b/c we don't know!!! And it's ok to express that we do not know b/c what we do know is far greater than any speculations and blames of why...we know the HOPE and LIGHT of a Saviour who is the only answer to any tragedy and evil this world bestows on us. This is a time that Christians can glorify God and live examples of the Hope, Love, Faith and most needed Peace that He gives and so greatly wants a lost world to see and accept. When we as Christians use this opportunity to judge, politicize God, go on rants that compare this to abortion, we miss an even bigger opportunity to show who what this fallen world really needs from us and that is the faith, love, hope and peace he called us to show. Yes, there is a time and place for preaching God's judgement but during the most raw of these, pointing fingers of blame is not either."
This was in response to so many claiming God is not in our schools hence the reason the shooting happened:
"First, God has never left schools. School officials may not be able to publicly pray but he's still there. To say he's not is to say God removed himself therefor forsaking us. Second, where he needs to be most is in the hearts of humans and the heart of  homes. A parent's, a teacher's or a school administrator's prayer is no less just b/c it's not publicly prayed. God can still be glorified when a teacher or student helps the least of these. God can still be glorified when a parent prays with their child before school. God can still be glorified when a group of students stand outside their school before classes and openly prays for their fellow students, teachers and country. God can still be glorified when students publicly ask God to bless their food before eating. God can still be glorified when students show love, grace, mercy and hope to those in need during school. It's not just about a public display of prayer, it's about a public display of a life lived for Christ that goes far beyond a 'routine out of obligation prayer'. There are so many crying out for prayers to be put back into schools and while this would be ideal, it's just not gonna happen. So I many of us pray at home, how many walk the halls of the school in prayer, how many meet with fellow parents on a consistent basis praying for their children, fellow friends and classmates and the school administration, how many live a life that glorifies God outside of church?  Fully relying on the government to be responsible for 'God in schools' is not the answer and not the will of God."
Sunday night preparing to take the boys to school the following Monday morning:
"Tomorrow will be the hardest morning to watch my boys walk away leaving my wings of care when I drop them off at school. Unbeknownest to them, innocence was yet again stripped away. My worries as their mother became even more valid this past Friday. I, too, am just like the mom's of Sandy Hook...never thinking it will happen at our school. Now that possibility became a little more realistic and I will have to face that worry head on tomorrow morning between 7:15 and 7:30. I just thought my tears on the first day were hard to contain but tomorrow will be no comparison."

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Different Tragedy, Same Emotions

I wrote this back in 2007 in regards to the Virginia Tech tragedy.  Sadly, I am posting it again as it still applies.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My Cub Scouts

Christmas Parade 2012

Their ride in the Christmas Parade

BB Gun range at Camp Hood 2012 (CB)

CB and BB 1st Cub Scout camping trip at Camp Hood 2012

CB and BB ready for their 1st Cub Scout Pack Meeting

CB at the BB gun range at Camp Hood 2012

BB at the archery range at Camp Hood 2012

CB and BB at their 1st Cub Scout Camping trip to Camp Hood 2012
I need to catch up on the boys extra curricular activities.  This past fall, the boys joined the Boy Scouts.  So we have 2 little Tiger cubs prowling around our home.  They have really enjoyed their meetings and activities.  They've been camping, hiking, picnicking, BB gun shooting, archery and the most recent, our city Christmas parade.  They are in a great den and have enjoyed making new friends.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

My Southern Snowmen

My southern snowmen aren't fat like their northern counterparts.  It's just not cold enough to keep packed snow and ice around their mid-section.  The heat here in the South just melts it away.  (Oh, how I wish the Southern heat would melt the stuff around my mid-section).  Yes, my snowmen have on scarves like it's not 70 degrees.  They protested saying, "it's too hot to be wearing these scarves" but I insisted they needed some color.  They were just too white for a southern snowmen and since you can't 'tan' ice and snow, you just add a scarf for color.

I've got 6 of these skinny southern snowmen, lining my front yard flower bed.  This is another Pinterest project I completed with the help of my daddy over the Thanksgiving holidays.

I'm hoping the temps become cool enough for them...they'll thank me for the scarves if that happens.

Monday, December 3, 2012

The War of the Sexes

Me: "BB, what are y'all playing?" (outside with friends)

BB: "War"

Me: "Who are y'all fighting?"

BB: "We huntin' down girls!"

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Tonight's menu:

Ranch House CrockPot Pork Chops
Roasted Asparagus
Fried Apples
Steamed Broccoli
Baked Parmesan Tomatoes
White Rice with gravy from Pork Chops

Click on the red to be directed to the recipes.

Bon Appetite!

Thanksgiving 2012

This past Thanksgiving was full of thanks and blessings. 

Thanksgiving Eve, we started our taco night that had been suspended while living in G'ville.  My sister and her family and my parents came over for tacos and fellowship. 

Thanksgiving day, we traveled to B'haven to spend the day with my grandmother, aunts and cousins.  My boys always enjoy this time and didn't want to leave.  While there I rummaged through my grandfather's shop.  I scored 3 old windows.  I already have 2 pinterest projects I hope to accomplish soon. 

My sister and I ventured out at midnight for Black Friday despite my lack of "Black Friday" enthusiasm.  She and I have done this for the past 3 years.  After seeing the crowds and chaos, she and I went back to our beds and slept.  We just didn't 'feel it' this year.  Instead, we ventured back out the next mid morning.  To our excitement, we found the same deals still available and scored the purchases we were gonna camp out for. 

Friday, after JB got off work, we traveled to AL and spent the weekend with his parents. 

Sunday afternoon, we picked out our Christmas tree then came home and decorated it. 

Nothing but memories and blessings!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Retail vs Thanksgiving

"Why are retailers ruining Thanksgiving? Commentary: Customers want Black Friday to start on Thursday"

The above is the title of a news article obviously regarding corporate retail stores being open Thanksgiving Day.  Am I the only one who reads the contradiction in the title? 

I've seen all this outrage on FB and the media about corporate retail being open on Thanksgiving Day.  Umm, HELLOOO!  We the consumers control these circumstances.  If there wasn't a demand for it, than it wouldn't happen.  Corporate retail is not who makes us shop on Thanksgiving...priorities are what either keeps us home with our families or makes retail employees cater to our need for material bargaining.  I know I sound biased on this circumstance.  But as I see it, there is absolutely NOTHING that I need that would cause others to have to forgo their time away from their family. 

As for the article I mentioned is indicative of what America has become...we want to blame others for our selfishness.  Retail does NOT make one shop.  I know my opinions are not shared by many, but lack of priorities is what makes us shop on Thanksgiving Day.  Yes, retail can keep their doors closed but we all know retail is out for number 1 and shopping on Thanksgiving Day only supports that. 

On a similar note, this year I am more inclined to either shop via the web or local/home based businesses.  I'd rather give my money to a local business than retail.  I obviously will not be able to solely shop local but I'll do what I can.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Days of Thanks

There are have been many on FB who have been sharing something they are thankful for each day leading up to Thanksgiving.  It's been an encouraging pleasure to read them but I often wonder to whom they are thankful.  I don't think I have read one post that acknowledged to whom they are thankful for the what they mentioned.  I find that interesting because most of what they are thankful for doesn't come from any 'man made' source; but instead our Heavenly Father.  I just wonder if they recognize that or just dismiss as a blessing from nothing.  I'm not assuming either, just an observation I've noticed when reading them.

As for me, reflecting on all the things, people and events I am thankful for, this year the 1 that stands out the most for me: In the declining of our culture as I see it, I am ever so thankful for being in a family along with the generations before me that reared their children with the love of Christ. This is the ultimate love I will pass on to my children..teaching them that as much as I love them, Christ loves them even more. I am also ever so thankful that God allowed me to marry a man who came from a family of generations who did the same. The 2 of us together, continue to pass this same love on to our boys with prayers that this love continues for generations to come in world that increasingly seems to reject and mock it.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

This Little Light of Mine...

Some days I just want to live in a 'box' keeping away from people who differ from me. Sheltering myself from people who want to mock me for my beliefs, who want to label me as hateful because I believe differently. Some days it would be easier to just delete some of these people not only from my profile (Facebook) but my life, also. But then I'm reminded, mere sheltering keeps me from growing...keeps me from a stronger faith in God...keeps from relying on Him when I'm hurt by those who know me. I pray my reaction to hate is love instead of cowardness. I pray I refuse to live in that box...for in that box, His light can't shine through me for those who need it most. 

This little light of mine,
I'm gonna let it shine!

No One Else but the Lamb....

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My Voting Measures

These are the measurements I use to vote:

1. He/She must fear God

2. He/She must value the sanctity of life

3. He/She must value the sanctity of marriage between 1 woman and 1 man.

4. He/She must value a national and political relationship with Israel.

6. He/She best protects my country from harm as Commander in Chief.

7.  He/She best protects the Constitution, including my freedom of speech, religion, to bear arms, etc.

Please go vote.  We may not share the same measurements in voting but we do share the same right to vote.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Government is not the Problem...

In reference to hurricane Sandy and the recovery efforts...

I know anger is one of many natural reactions when faced with devastation.  So maybe I'm just missing something, but there are some issues during natural disasters that the government just can't fix, at least, not immediately. 

I've seen many on TV screaming at America, "We have no heat!"  "I've lost everything and no one is doing anything about it!"  These angry proclamations just affirm so many people are dependent on the government to fix their problems while blaming them for the same. I know they are waiting on electricity to be restored but that just takes time.  Where do they expect the government to bring in heat from?  Maybe moving all the politicians in Washington to the affected areas...have them talk about the promises they are gonna keep, attack their fellow political rivals and praise themselves for all the good they have done...there's the hot air needed for those who have no heat. The perfect government solution to getting the people the heat they keeping screaming about not having. 

Where are the shelters?  And if there are any, why aren't they being recognized for the good they are trying to do?  I remember there being many, many shelters in the wake of Katrina; as far west as Texas, as far north as Memphis, as far east as affirmation that maybe the South just takes better care of it own.

A fellow friend, CP, made 2 very valid points on FB...recognizing the Southern Baptist Convention sending numerous relief units..."Is it better to tithe than pay taxes?"  You could add giving to charities to that idea...The Salvation Army being one of them.

To end this post, I'll quote his next point which says so much with just a few words: "I remember during Katrina, people leaving homes without electricity to help people without homes."

Friday, November 2, 2012

A Lesson of Integrity

Teaching life's lessons is just as hard as learning them.  As a parent, you realize this as your children grow and their innocence begins to fade away to the sinful nature of being human.

Yesterday, we were faced with a lesson on integrity.  BB came home from school with a prize from the big box that he didn't actually earn.  Students earn a chance to choose a 'big prize' from the 'big box' by staying on green every day for a month (green indicating good behavior).  BB received a yellow one day during October, thus loosing he chance to pick a big prize from the big box at the end of the month.

Well, it so happened that his teacher made a mistake and called his name for a big box prize.  He came home with it just as proud as if he had actually earned it.  I remembered him 'getting on yellow' one day and questioned him about the prize.  He fully understood that he shouldn't have received the prize but honestly felt he should keep it in spite of the mistake his teacher made.  I tried to make the moment a 'teachable moment' of integrity encouraging him to give it back with an explanation of the mistake made but he would hear nothing of it. 

Later on, JB tried talking to him and emphasizing integrity and doing the right thing.  We both encouraged him to give it back on his own without us having to send a note explaining what happened.  I didn't care if she allowed him to keep the prize but I wanted him to be honest and do the right thing by at least telling the teacher he wasn't supposed to receive it.  As of bedtime, he still refused to do it on his own.

This morning we encouraged him one more time to do the right thing.  I fully expected to park and take the prize inside and ask to quickly speak with his teacher.  However, BB anxiously said he would tell his teacher what happened on his own.  So anxious in fact he didn't want to talk about it on the way to school.

I prayed all day that his decision to do the right thing would be a blessing he would experience so not to be discouraged the next time something like this happened making it even harder for him to make it right. 

I actually dreaded the conversation.  I struggled with the idea of rewarding him ourselves.  While he needed to learn this life lesson, he also needed to learn that you don't always get 'rewarded' for doing the right thing, at least not materially.   I asked BB the dreaded question, "how did it go today?" To my surprise, he replied, "It was the best day ever!",   I thought maybe it was because he got to keep the prize with a simple smile from his teacher thanking him for being honest.  Instead, nothing of the sorts happened at all.  She took back the prize, gave him a hug and thanked him for being honest.  She went even further giving him a 'Horseshoe High Five".  This honor is even greater than obtaining a big box prize.  This is an award given to students who exemplify good citizenship and positive role modeling.  His integrity was not only rewarded but more importantly, recognized.  I didn't care if he was rewarded but I wanted most of all for it to be simply recognized in a way that honored him in his 'world'. 

I am so grateful to God for honoring BB's decision to practice integrity on his own in spite of loosing a prize.  And I thank Him for honoring us as parents when trying to teach our children integrity not just for the sake of humanity but for the sake of honoring Him.   BB's lesson learned is an affirmation of how hard it is trying to rear boys into men of integrity in a culture that teaches otherwise.  But the outcome of his lesson is an affirmation that God blesses us as parents when we do it for his honor.  My blessing was seeing God honor BB's integrity and it couldn't have been anything better than a simple recognition. 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

BB: "Boo, Hobby Lobby!"

Me: "Why you Boo-ing Hobby Lobby? Whatcha' got against Hobby Lobby?"

BB: "Duh, Momma, they are the Rebels."

Me: "You mean Boo-Hotty Toddy?"

BB: "Oh, yeah."

Friday, October 26, 2012

Pajama Drama

CB: "Momma, what are pajama kids?"

Me: "I don't know, Christian. I haven't heard of them."

BB: "I know. They get naked and rock out!"

Me: "What? Brooks, they do not. That's ridiculous. Where did you hear that? Besides, I haven't even seen anything about pajama kids."

BB; "Momma, after our bath we are naked and rock out before we put our pajamas on."

CB: "Well, Momma, there's a sign right back there."

Me: "Christian, that sign says DRAMA Kids. Not pajama kids. Drama Kids teaches children how to acting skills."

BB: "Momma, you always tell us 'we should know how to act'"

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Halloween Checklist for Pets

Halloween is a fun time for kids and many adults but can be frightening and stressful for your pets. As a pet owner you know your pet the best but here are some points to consider!

1-Continual door bell ringing and people at the door.
2- Strangers in costume
3- Candles and Jack-o-Lanterns are a fire hazard for stressed pets
4- Keeping pets indoors to prevent cruel treatment
5- CANDY and WRAPPERS - candy can be toxic to animals and wrappers can cause obstructions

This information is from Greenville Animal Clinic and Hospital.  This was Gizmo's vet when we lived there.  They have been my all time favorite veterinary clinic I have ever taken Gizmo and are one of few things I miss from G'ville. 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

One Pretty Momma of Twins

Yesterday, I decided to surprise my boys with a lunch date at school.  Well, actually, I debated all morning whether to go or not.  I wasn't exactly dressed the best and I was busy with housework.  I had initially decided not to go because I just didn't think I 'looked' the part with little make up and hair pulled back in a ponytail. I felt guilty for making the lunch date about myself instead of what it would mean to my boys.  So the more I thought about it, I realized these opportunities would soon be gone and unwelcomed as they grow older.  With that realization, I grabbed my purse and headed the 3 miles for my lunch date despite my 'less than' look of being in public.

As I waited in the commons sort of embarrassed of how I looked, their class came around the corner.  I was quickly greeted with many smiles and hellos from their classmates.

Little boy in their class: "Are you CB and BB's momma?"

Me: "Yes, sir. I am."

Same classmate: "You are pretty."

Standing there shocked with a look that clearly said, "Bless her heart, she doesn't hear that very often, especially when looking like that."    I started to ask him if I could be his momma but feared the desperation would be revealed along with the look I had on my face. So instead I simply replied, "Thank you." 

Another fellow classmate hearing I am their mother: "What?  They only have 1 momma?  I thought they had 2"

I guess he doesn't understand the concept of twins.

I came home with a new lesson learned.  My boys love me for eating lunch with them not for the way I look.  I should live the same.  Because in years to come, how I looked is not gonna be what they remember.  The way I made them feel is what they will remember.  The simple act of lunch only 3 miles from home will be remembered over any outfit, makeup, or look I had or didn't have.

And may I be reminded that when I "get over myself" and make it less about me and all about them, blessings abound plentiful in the least expected, most innocent ways. 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Taste and See

To any new readers, I invite you visit Taste and See for some recipe ideas.  You will find recipes from many different sources; family cookbooks, Pinterest, magazines and the web.  All have been tried and proven to be blog worthy.

Sunday, October 21, 2012


First let me make it clear...I am in NO WAY defending the ACLU.  I don't like the ACLU for what they defend.  But my focus of this blog is not what the ACLU can do but rather what they can't do.

This past week, the ACLU presented a MS County School Superintendent with a letter demanding they cease all prayers on school grounds.  There were allegations of teachers and coaches leading students in prayers and scripture during school hours and/or during extra curricular activity hours.

Of course, some of the first reactions were typical of a Southern Bible Belt:

"When prayer was in schools crime was much lower and the kids had more respect for others. Since prayer was taken out of schools crime has increased and respect went out the window. "

"This is America ... People should be allowed to pray any where they choose to in any place at any time .."

"The biggest problem today are these people speaking out against God. Do you not see that this is why all of these kids are getting bullied at school, more and more suicides/school shooting are occurring, more and more negativity are plaguing the kids of the future, etc." 

My opinion in regards to the above reactions...I don't believe school crime or the decline of 'school behavior' is solely blamed on the lack of prayer in schools.  The lack of prayer may not expose a set of values to be followed or expected but it's not the sole reason for decline.  

I believe the decline of 'school behavior' is a direct consequence of the moral decline in our culture.  The moral decline of our culture is a direct consequence of the decline of the traditional family.  The decline of the traditional family is a direct consequence of the lack of God in the home.  Another words...Prayers left the home long before prayers left the schools. 

Sometime in cases when a freedom is challenged, people suddenly think it's popular to stand up for that freedom.  My question to those who suddenly find it popular to stand up for God...1.  Are you as worried as much about prayer in your home as you are at school?  2. Does your life as a whole reflect the glory of God as much as you think this prayer in school does? 3.  Do you realize that your actual freedom to pray in school is not being challenged but instead administration lead prayer is?  4.  Do you live your life glorifying God with as much passion as you are fighting this challenge?  

Does if frustrate me that Christians seem be challenged in more areas of religious freedom?...more than I could ever express with words on a mere blog.    And I do have a problem with the minority who want to ruin it for the majority...especially if it's been done for years without any issues.  But I also know that laws are put in place for reasons and rural schools must follow the same federal laws as metropolis schools.   And these laws are upheld for reasons even if we don't always find them fair.  Think about this for a moment...the law allows prayers in school.  If this is the case, then the law has to allow prayers of other religions:  Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, Wicca, etc.  That means there could be administration lead prayers representing all religions that are enrolled in any given school.  With that law in place, it would mean our children would be exposed to and influenced by all different religions.  I DO NOT WANT the public school system spiritually influencing my children especially when paying for private school is not the best financial option for families and it's really not needed when the public school offers excellent academic opportunities and learning.  

No one should rely on the public school to spiritually influence your child.  God didn't ordain the government to be the spiritual influence for our children.  He ordained the church and the family.  If there is enough prayer at home, there will be plenty to make up the lack of it at school.  And it doesn't stop with prayer.  You live your life to passionately glorify God, your children will be far more influenced than any prayer at school. 

Furthermore, the ACLU can't stop a group of students from praying.  How many of students gathering at a table, bow their heads and thank God for their food, whether vocally or silently.? How many students gather minutes before school starts and pray for their fellow classmates and teachers?  How many students gather before school and hold an open Bible Study inviting ANYONE to attend?  How many glorify God with their language, their actions, and their reactions during school hours?  And how many glorify God on any given "Friday night out with friends"?  How many of us parents pray with our children before school?  How many of us parents gather together on ocassion to pray for our children, their teachers, their fellow classmates and the school administration?  These are freedoms that go beyond prayer in schools that the ACLU can not take away yet we don't practice them.

So you see, we, Christians, have more power than the ACLU gives us credit. We have power they can't take away and that's how we live our life.  They might can stop a government administrator from praying but they can't stop you as an individual citizen from glorifying God with a prayer or your life no matter where you are standing...a court room, a school room, a hospital room or your office.  So Live out loud for Christ...sadly, that's a freedom we rarely see used to the fullest extent of God's law in this day and time.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pinterest Project #1

I have finally gotten around to completing a Pinterest project.  I started the project while on Fall Break and finished it this past week.  My dad put the column together for me using some wood he found in his shop and I painted the plaques.  The original project had only 1 plaque made but I decided to make multiple plaques using both sides of a piece of wood.  One plaque displays "The Bond's est. 2000" on one side and "Roll Tide" on the other.  The 2nd plaque displays "Merry Christmas" one side and will have a Thanksgiving theme on the other...I'm not quite finished with this one.  The 3rd plaque has "God Bless America" displayed on it...not sure of what I will put on the other side.   The total cost of the project:  about $5.  I am beyond thrilled with the way it turned out.  I've proudly displayed in on our front porch.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Grasshopper Club

One of the blessings of having both boys in the same classroom at school is hearing about their day and watching them continue their best friend adventures outside of home.  Their biggest adventure at school is their "Grasshopper Club".  This is a complex organized club made up of boys only with levels of 'masters' and 'training'.  Both boys are at 'master' level b/c they accomplished the initiation requirement of catching a required number of grasshoppers.  They now have the duty of continuing to catch grasshoppers and training potential members on how to catch them.  This club meets on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays only because on these days their recess takes place in the best environment for finding grasshoppers.  Tuesday and Thursdays are spent swinging.

They not only catch grasshoppers but are even praised more for efforts to catch butterflies, lizards, frogs, lucasses (locus) and moths.  They come home every day talking about a new species of insects they have discovered.  The most recent discovery is the 'butterslopper'.  This is an insect that is part butterfly and grasshopper.  While I'm most sure buttersloppers are not legit insects, it's a prize catch in the Grasshopper Club because it can fly and hop at the same time. 

Today, they were a little disappointed because they can no longer use their secret hide out. 

Me: "How was the Grasshopper Club today?"

BB: "Not so good."

Me: "Why?"

CB: "Well, Mrs. Landry said we can't use our secret hideout any more."

Me: "I'm sorry.  Why can't you?"

BB: "She can't see us."

They informed me that this coming Friday will be well spent on coming up with a new secret hideout with a little grasshopper catching.  And they hope that one of their friends will become a master as he is learning to catch grasshoppers. 

This bond between my boys reminds me to NEVER let anyone make me feel that having twins is a burden.  I pray their friendship continues beyond Grasshopper Clubs and well into their adult life where clubs become brotherhood.  Thank you, God, for the gift of these two boys and the joy they bring me every day.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Artistic Fall Break

Our pumpkin patch

our friendly ghost

sit and stay awhile
Last week, we enjoyed a 2 day fall break.  We spent the days at my parents painting and creating.  My dad cut out some fall and Halloween wooden patterns for the boys to paint.  He had also made me some wooden chairs for my front yard that I painted aqua.  Our pumpkin "patch" you see above represents our family.  The boys painted their smaller pumpkins and I painted the bigger ones.  They might not win an art contest but they win my heart.  The fact that my boys painted theirs, is reason enough proudly display them in my front yard.  BB requested a ghost so to oblige you will see his ghost displayed also.  I am also proud of my candy corn display.  I used to have a candy corn that I bought but some how lost it with our multiple moves.  Daddy so sweetly made me 3 to replace my one.

We also spent part of Tuesday fishing.  I enjoy the days we are outside and not arguing over Wii time.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Labor Day and Vacay Picture Update

Labor Day was fun spent with some good friends The Dennis' on the Rez.  They took us out on their boat and their boys along with ours had fun tubing. 

Our annual beach vacay was, again, in Orange Beach.  This vacay had some bittersweet moments.  I was slapped in the face with boys can no longer wear Carters' clothes.  It just doesn't seem like that time should have come so soon.  But OshKosh came to the rescue of my emotional breakdown.  Another moment came when they both wanted to walk down to the beach by themselves without JB and me close by.  We 'let them go' with the realization that they are growing up.  But watching them walk from the height of the balcony reminded me they are still so little when compared to the ocean.  Their adrenaline rush of independence was as real to them as my emotional meltdown of letting go.  Bittersweet: so blessed to have 2 healthy boys who are growing to be independent but not the easiest watching it happen right before my eyes.  So, as time continues to march on without my permission, I'll treasure the pictures that will one day remind me just how 'little' they were. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Rich vs Wealthy

I recently had someone ask me where I live.  When I told her what neighborhood, she replied, "Oh, you rich, huh.  You live in that 'richy-rich' neighborhood."

I think she was more caught off guard to my response than I was to hers.

"Yes, I'm rich.  But don't be misunderstood as to why.  I am rich...not because of the house I live in, the cars I drive, the clothes I wear, or the neighborhood I live in.  Not because of any success my husband and I may have had financially or in any career.  Oh, yes, mam, I am very rich.  I am rich from the love my children give me everyday.  I am rich from the love my husband has for me, our children and Christ.  I am rich from the love I grew up in that was given and still given by my parents, my sister and my extended family.  I am rich with friends who love and accept me regardless of my 'wealth' or lack thereof. But what makes me the 'most rich''s the grace and mercy Christ gives me everyday...the gift of salvation he gave when nailed to the cross. Yes, I am rich."

As for wealth, I'm 'poor' when compared to some and I'm wealthy when compared to others.  But I am not so poor that I can't use what he has given me, even now, for His Glory.  And if I ever get to a status in life that I become selfishly wealthy, Father God, please take it away from me.  Because it's at that point I no longer recognize what He has allowed me to have.  I no longer recognize the financial success as His blessings.  But, God, if at some point in life you allow me to be 'wealthy' by our cultural measure, please remind me in that wealth it's not to be used for selfish or material gain but instead to be used for Your Glory.  It's a blessing that you have entrusted to me to be used for your Glory and not mine.  Remind me that it's not because of anything I've done on my own but because of what you equipped me to do and in so doing, you blessed me. 

Even now, I should glorify Him with what he has given me and not wait on the 'wealth' to come.  

Yes, I am rich.  I am rich indeed.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Oh, Yes, They Call Him the Streak...

BB streaking to the shower: "Momma, I'm sorry, but I just can't spend my life naked."

And that sums up his little world for the moment.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Trendy Doesn't Equal Trashy

This is from an article about grade schoolers wearing bikinis:
"Siobhan Freegard, founder of the community Netmums told the Daily Mail that she knows "a number of mothers who are concerned about the sexualization of their children and would be horrified by their daughters dressing like mini-strippers."

And, their concerns are validated by science. A recent study found that girls as young as 6 thin...
k of themselves as sex objects and want to be considered sexy. In an earlier study,Psychologists named clothing as a factor that encourages these youngsters to objectify themselves. This research was particularly disturbing given that 'almost a third of girls' clothing for sale at 15 major retailers [had] sexualizing characteristics."

Knight told Sky News that Hurley shouldn't take all of the blame now. Rather, the fashion industry should stop making clothes for kids that are so adult-like.

Jen M.L., a mother of two who blogs at 'People I Want To Punch In The Throat' agrees on that front. In a HuffPost blog, Jen says she is 'horrified' by clothing selections when she takes her 4-year-old daughter shopping. She recounts a specific Easter shopping trip when 'there were several dresses that looked like they should come with a complimentary pole and hooker heels!' But, Jen doesn't blame the industry entirely. She also writes that consumers -- parents specifically -- should stop buying and supporting the production of such items. "If we'd just stop buying this misogynistic whore-wear maybe companies would stop trying to sell it to us."
My take on this cultural issue:
viewed. If your daughter sees that you view women as sex objects, she will most likely expect men to view her the same way. Step up and lead with courage and love...tell the world, not with my daughter!

Moms, help him by being the example of how a lady looks and be honored and respected. The only person you should even want to sexually entice, is your husband. Don't teach your daughters that sexual attention equals love and approval.

This applies to single parents as well. Divorce doesn't end responsibility.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Secret Weapons

BB: "Momma, I have my very own secret weapon.  You want me to tell you what it is?"

Me: "Sure, what is it?"

BB:  "Toot gas."

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Why Can't You Just Silently Respect?

If you don't like looking at a Bible verse at a football game, then shut your eye lids. B/C within minutes the banner will be ripped apart and no longer recognizable. If you don't like a prayer at a public football game, then listen to your ipod for a few minutes. But whatever you do, don't just stand silently, with respect...that's obviously asking too much of you.
But what you fail to realize is this...that banner nor that prayer is forcing you to love, acknowledge or live for Christ. Instead it's a prayer of peace, protection and goodwill for the fan, players, and all those involved. If you can't handle such an act of goodwill, you have some serious selfish, arrogant issues.
As for the banners with Bible verses, they are made for encouragement. So explain to me how in any way does encouragement and goodwill infringe on anyone's right or well being.
If you feel the need to pray to your god regarding my life, go ahead...that alone doesn't force your religion on's an act of concern and care, nothing less of the ones prayed to Christ.

For me, this issue has nothing to with the Freedom of Religion law.  But rather, everything to do with the 1 resident who just couldn't leave well enough alone.  Yes, he/she has the right to force the cheerleaders of the small Texas town to quit displaying the scripture banners for the football team. And I respect that right and law. But you who can't just silently respect what the majority want...I have no respect.  Just because you have the right, doesn't make it right.  What is so hard about just silently respecting what the majority want when there is nothing being forced upon you nor does it put your life in danger?  American, selfishness and arrogance at its best! 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

An Animal's Life According to my Boys

My boys meeting a friend's cat for the first time: "Momma, that orange cat just showed us his fangs!"

A life lesson on dogs according to BB:  "Momma, a dog can poop out 10 puppies."

Sunday, September 16, 2012


BB hollering from the play room: "Momma!"

Me: "What?"

BB with frustration: "Tell CB to quit blowing stink bombs out his booty!"

Be Back Directly...

Sorry for the no blogging lately.

First, our computer died so it spent some time to repair.

Second, we were vacation last week.

Third, I will not have access to our computer this coming week. 

I promise to be back directly as soon as I am able. 

Friday, September 7, 2012

Stop Looking at Me

Christian: "Momma, can we invite someone over to play?"

Me: "Not this afternoon. We have errands to run and I have some things I need to get done."

BB: "CB, we have each other to play with"

Me: "BB, that is so sweet. That makes my heart happy."

CB: " Well, BB, I just don't want to play with someone I have to look at everyday."

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Not So Holy Excitement

I want to apologize to my fellow church members who were sitting behind us for CB's sudden outburst of excitement that occurred today with hands waving and fists pumping.  I wish I could say it was because of an overwhelming spirit to praise God through the song we were singing.  But instead, it was because he won a game of tic-tac-toe against his brother. 

Friday, August 31, 2012

Carpool vs Whirlpool

Boys: "Momma, can we get a bath in your carpool?"

Me: "It's called a whirlpool."

Boys: "Whatever..."

Me: "Oh, no you didn't just 'whatever' me about carpool vs whirlpool. Carpool stresses me and the whirlpool relaxes me. For the sake of my sanity.. you need to get this right!"

Boys: "Well, can we?"

Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Old Rugged Cross

Please Note: This blog is strictly based on my convictions.  It's not meant to judge or criticize others for their choices.  I know not all think like me and that God convicts everyone differently.  This is my story of one of many convictions God lays on my heart.

Several vacations ago at the beach I saw a Bama t-shirt that I almost bought.  This t-shirt was really cute and really wanted it.  I wanted JB to be proud of me for supporting his beloved Crimson Tide and this shirt was the way to go.  It screamed Roll Tide.  It even sported a cross amongst the "Roll Tide", "Go Bama" slogans.  The cross was decorated in the sacred houndstooth pattern. I could show my religion and Bama loyalty at the same time.  I needed this shirt for the right reasons, so it seemed, Jesus and Bama.

I lingered around it vacillating back and forth on whether it was worth the price tag and JB's approval and pride. After the mental battle of price vs Bama pride...the $40 price tag was enough to leave it hanging on the rack.  But I couldn't get that shirt out of my mind.  I couldn't decide if it was because I really liked it and regretted not buying it or if it just intrigued me that much.  I kept thinking: "Jesus and Roll Tide...Jesus and Roll Tide...Crimson and's cute...the cross, it was was trendy, it was was was was cute, trendy, fashionable with little meaning."  That's IT...IT was all of the following: cute, fashionable, trendy, popular, cool...BUT most of all...the cross lacked meaning.  I had come to the revelation, if you will, that the cross on the shirt had little meaning. It was overshadowed by Roll Tide and houndstooth.  It shared the spotlight with other and fashion. It was cute, it was fashionable, it was trendy...all the characteristic man has made the cross what it is today.  All the characteristics that compromise, minimize and belittle the true meaning of the cross.  And then my reasons for not buying it changed.  The price tag of the shirt no longer mattered but the price of the cross was overwhelming to me.

And that's when I was convicted.  That's when God broke my heart of what I had made of His cross to be in my own world.  I had monogrammed and appliqued his cross to sell as fashionable, trendy and cute accessories and furthermore, I wore and used his cross for those same reasons. Yet, I rarely shared the true meaning to those who needed it.  I displayed his cross for the world to see as nothing more than a fashionable trend of decor.

For me, there are 2 realities of the cross. One being no greater than the other. Both needing to be remembered for the reality of its own meaning. And neither being fashionable, cute or trendy.

The first realities of the cross: it's rugged, harsh, cruel, heavy, gruesome and ultimately stained with the blood of an innocent man.  It was taken on by a Saviour in my place by a way of death.  It was where I should have been but instead saved from it because Christ found me worthy enough to take my place.  I deserve the death on that cross.  I am no better than the thief who was next to Jesus.  Now tell me, what is cute, fashionable and trendy about that? In understanding that I deserve the very death that Christ sacrificially took from me, I can't fathom the cross to be cute, fashionable and trendy. My sins put him on that cross and nothing about that can be deemed cute, fashionable or trendy. 

The 2nd reality of the cross: it's sacrificial love, it's life everlasting, it's victory over death.  It's freedom from eternal damnation, it's peace, it's joy, it's faith, it's hope and the greatest, it's love.  It covers the sins of all men.  It forgives and even more it redeems.  It's truth, it's healing, it's merciful and full of grace. When you treasure these realities and live with them in your heart you will find that nothing about them are cute, fashionable or trendy either because cute, fashionable and trendy are superficial, conditional, in the eye of the beholder and not the heart. They are ever changing and evolving with the culture. And sadly, this is has been done to the cross; not by God but by man, himself, including me.

Until next time,
The Old Rugged Cross

Monday, August 27, 2012

Oh, Deer!

Looking at CB's picture from school: "What is this supposed to be?"

CB: "It's 2 deers with a moth pooping on them."

Getty-Up Horsey

JB calls me: "After Walmart, the boys and I are gonna pick up some Chic Fil A.  Do you want some?"

Me: "No thanks, I've already eaten a sandwich."

Me asking the boys as they enter the house: "Where's the Chic Fil A?"

CB: "Well, it's kinda hard to explain."

Me asking JB as he enters the house: "Where's the Chic Fil A?"

JB, who is most frustrated: "I told them if they act good in Walmart, we would get Chic Fil A"

Me: "Well, were they that bad?"

JB: "CB riding BB like a horse was the final straw!"

Friday, August 24, 2012

For Reader's Only

I haven't always been a reader.  I guess because in high school and college I had to read out of necessity and not entertainment.  It wasn't until after college and married that I became an avid reader.  My mom doesn't care for reading books and my dad and sister read sporadically but no one else in my immediate family is as enthusiastic about it as I am.  But I do have an aunt, whom my mother says I should have been her child, that is an avid reader.  So I like to think I inherited this honorable hobby from her.

I mean, I like it so much that I have to monitor myself when reading a good book or I'll spend hours escaped into another life and become oblivious to what is going on around me. The first time JB walked in on me crying while reading, he asked with great concern..."What's wrong. Are you ok?"  And my only reply was, "this book is so good!"  Now when he sees me crying over a book, he just asks, "Another good book?" and walks away bewildered at how a book that makes me cry can be so good.  A book that can make me express emotion as deep as crying or laughing out loud... is what makes a good book.  

So it is with much excitement, possibly quite more than the others, that I look forward to the new adventure of starting a book club with several ladies in my Sunday School class.  We all like to fellowship with each other and realized that some of us love to read.  So what better way to fellowship with other avid readers...a BOOK CLUB!!! And even better, a faith based book club.

Our first meeting will be late September hosted at my home.  We are going to try and meet at least once a month with food and hopefully plenty of discussion.  Even more exciting, we are starting off with the absolute classic book, Redeeming Love.  This book is part of the reason this club is starting.  When I mentioned that I was reading it, many in Sunday school commented on either having read it or wanting to read it.  So, the obvious book to start with is Redeeming Love. 

I'm not gonna mention much about the book until after the club meeting but if you are an avid reader and haven't read this book, I can't recommend it enough to do it justice.  It has become my all time favorite encompassing many years of reading. 

If you are in a book club or have been, I welcome any comments for suggestions or advice. 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Commitment through Redeeming Love

In a culture that encourages, supports and justifies that we throw our marriages away like yesterday's trash, below is a quote from the current book I am reading, Redeeming Love, that I want to share.  It hit me like a ton of bricks of conviction when you reflect the culture's view of marriage. 

This statement is made by the husband.  He is the provider, the forgiver, the supporter and the leader in this book.  He loves unconditionally, selflessly, whole heartedly with the love of Christ.  You see, only someone with these qualities can lead a man to make this statement; a statement that is more than just a line in a fictional book but a statement of such conviction and truth that can be applied to the very core of real life marriage. Especially, for the husband who loves his family in the same way Christ loves us... with a love that is sacrificial, willing, forgiving, unconditional, eternal but most of all redeeming. When a man enters into marriage with the kind of commitment shown in the statement below, she has become one blessed wife that even this culture can't influence. 

As for us wives, be a wife that makes him want to live out this statement with no regret, no burden, no shame but instead with an eternal love, happiness and joy that made it all worth it for him.

"It's a lifetime of commitment in my book, lady.  It's not an arrangement you nullify when things get a little tough to bear."

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Thoughtful Priorities

BB: "Mama, I miss you when I'm at school and I think about you."

Me: "Awe, BB, that is so sweet.  That makes my heart happy."

Me: "CB, do you think about me, too?"

CB: "No, mam. I just think about the Wii."

Presidential Campaigning....

...teaching it's ok to publicly bully especially when it's political and someone is paying money for it.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Kindles, Nooks, and Books, OH MY!

This past January, I bought a Kindle Fire.  I crossed over to the other side of reading with an eReader which I never thought I would.  But I saw so many offers for free or reduced priced books.  And if you are an avid reader like me...this becomes an attraction that is even harder to resist...FREE BOOKS, REDUCED PRICED! sign me up...

Don't get me wrong, I still have many, many, (ok) and many more books sitting on my shelves waiting to be read.  So what's the harm in having just as many saved on an eReader waiting to be read, especially if they are free or deeply discounted.

Surprisingly, I have actually enjoyed my eReader yet I still enjoy my 'hand held' books. 

If  you own a Nook or Kindle or you are contemplating on purchasing are 2 sites that offer daily free or discounted priced books. 

Inspired Reads

Pixel of Ink

If you decide to buy a Kindle, order it directly from Amazon.  You don't pay taxes and shipping is free.  This saves you a few extra dollars then buying it from a local retail store. 

If reading this and know of any other sites that offer free or reduced priced books, I'd love for you to leave a comment with the site.  I can't turn down a good book, especially if it's free.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

New Year, New School 2012/2013

This past Wednesday started our new year at our new school.  1st grade!!!  When your children are born you know these times are coming, you just don't know how fast they get here.

CB had a morning melt down with tears of pleading and begging for summer vacation not be over: "But, Mama, I'm just used to summer"

BB's take on starting school: "I'm gonna miss eating all day."

I fully grasp the importance of an education and support it but I'm with CB on this one...I'm just used to summer, too.  I enjoy the "do nothing, no routine, no schedule, do whatever you want days of summer vacation."

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Chicken: Do you eat it only or Do you serve it, too?

I've seen this picture floating around the web and Facebook since last Wed. And I'm sure most of you have heard or read about the controversial, Chick Fil A (CFA) appreciation day. I had a friend and family member to post this on their Facebook page. I appreciate them posting it because it made me think about the statement on the picture and motives for that particular day. I, personally, try not to follow a popular movement only because it's just that, popular. I try to form my own opinion and reason as to why I should or should not support such a 'movement'.

When reading the statement on this picture, I can't help but agree with it. It is correct in saying that you don't see that many Christians lined up to help food banks or homeless shelters or many other facets of serving "the least of these" as Christ commanded. And we should all know that being a Christian, we serve Christ by serving others and we should be eager to do whatever is called of us to serve. Christians as a whole, dramatically fail when it comes to serving the least of these with excuses such as but not limited to: "I don't have the time"; "I don't have the money"; "I don't have the talent"; and sadly for some "They are not worth my time". We judge those who need to be served thinking they should do better for themselves, they need to learn to help themselves or they should have made better choices. While this is true to an extent we forget that Christ doesn't put a limit on 'the least of these'. And we forget that serving doesn't always come outside the four walls of church or we think it only comes within the four walls of church. Some of us don't even serve within our own church on any given Sunday while others refuse to go outside their church on any given chance. And we certainly don't see this many people, Christian or not, waiting to worship on any given Sunday.

But I do have my reservations with the picture above. I, personally, find a few prejudices with this statement. Some may agree but others may think I'm overly analyzing the statement and missing the bigger picture. I think it's prejudice to assume that everyone of those people pictured and those not pictured who ate at CFA on that particular day were Christians. I also think it's prejudice to assume that everyone ate there for the same exact reason. No doubt, the majority ate there for 2 reasons: either to support Mr. Cathey's biblical stance on homosexuality or to support his freedom to speak it. It's also prejudice to me to think that the only requirement to serve at a food bank or homeless shelter is to be a Christian or of the Christian faith. To serve the less fortunate can be one of the most neutral outlets for many faiths to come together in unity. So if one is gonna judge Christians for not serving, it's only fair to judge other faiths, right, since this photo seems to be about judging what Christians should be doing instead. Now, if one chooses to serve at a Christian only mission than obviously the Christian faith will be promoted but there are many missions that would welcome different faiths to do nothing more than to simply serve by feeding, teaching, mentoring, clothing or giving. However, as critical as I just was of the church as a whole, there are many, many individuals within the church who passionately serve for the cause of Christ in their community, nationally and globally. And there are many churches who serve their community and the globe with a passion and unconditional love that one can't help but be drawn to Christ when a witness to it. And because of these people and these churches, it's not fair to place all Christians and churches into the category of the above picture.

For me the bigger picture is this, we as Christians, are called to serve in some capacity without conditions when it comes to the 'least of these'. And eating a chicken sandwich for whatever reason one chose that day, doesn't make up for the lack of service we fail to do. Christ doesn't require us to change some one's life but through our serving 'the least of these' he can change them. And just as amazing, we are changed. We become a blessing to someone and we become humbled when we finally realize that it's not about us but through serving others, it's all about Him.

Friday, July 27, 2012

A Peaceful Rejection

It's apparent that my lack of blogging only leads me to playing catch up when I actually decide to sit down and blog.  It's not that I don't have anything to blog about but rather I don't take the time to do it.  I have all kind of stuff that goes through my head that I want to blog about but it usually swims in my brain when I'm driving or trying to fall asleep at which neither times are convenient to blog.  So time marches on with the unkept promise of me blogging about "it" later.

So here's to playing catch up, once again:

The last time I blogged, we had a contract on a house that was a foreclosure.  That house fell through of which we know to be God's plan.  Life just didn't work out for us to get it. It went a little something like this: Please note we still had a mortgage on our home in G' had not yet sold and had no prospects.

We look at the house, the price is right and we make an offer.

The offer is finally accepted through many toils and snares.

We have an inspection which, of course, included a multitude of problems but we agree to deal with. Remember, when you buy a foreclosure, it's 'as is'.

We decide to have an HVAC engineer look at the system.  The house is too big for the 1 unit is has, therefore, he recommends that we put in another unit to relieve the strain of the 1.  Ummm, not sure we want to tackle this but, anyway, the house is a great price.

Starting to feel a little uneasy about getting this house.  "God, please guide us and give us a peace"

The appraisal comes back lower than we expect due to all the repairs it needed...acceptable but to not what we thought. 

No peace.

The Monday before we are to sign, JB's car dies...dead with no life left.  More expensive to repair and not worth the car.  So we are then forced to buy another car.

No peace but we will just 'deal' with it.

Tuesday before we are to sign, our mortgage originator calls JB and informs him that Fannie Mae forces buyers to open an escrow account with an allotted amount of money for the repairs.  This is supposedly normal procedure for buying a foreclosure, one of which we weren't aware of when seeking this house.  JB nor I wanted to take this route so we opted to back out of the contract letting them have the earnest money and keep all fees we have paid up to this point. Events that had preceded also led to this decision.

Tuesday afternoon we call our realtor to let her know we want to back out of the contract.  She gracefully informs us that we can't simply 'back out' of our contract.  We can and she believed that we would be sued for breech of contract since Chase bank owned the home. And they are a corporation certainly able to show their legal power.  The only way at this point to legally back out of the contract is if our loan was denied which wasn't gonna happen b/c we had already been pre-qualified.

Still no peace and furthermore worry has set in.

So, we suck it up and admit 'defeat' but told ourselves we will be thankful for what we have instead of complaining about the circumstances.  It was still a very nice home; far more than what many have.

Wednesday before we are to close on Friday, JB asks the mortgage originator what will happen if we opt out of the "escrow account".  We honestly wanted to pay for the repairs through different means. To quote her exactly, "then we will be forced to deny your loan".  Did you just read that? Forced to deny your loan, the only legal way to get out of the contract.  Never have I been so grateful to be denied or rejected! 

Finally his Peace!!!

We took a break from house hunting and decided to fully rely on God for his timing, which we obviously failed to do but through his grace and mercy, he delivered us.

3 months later we sold our home in G'ville and found another. 

We moved in our current home July 4th weekend and did it all with his PEACE which still resides in our home today. 

Lesson learned, I'll take God's peace over any of my desires.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Our Week in Review

It's been an emotional week but one that has turned out fine.  Gizmo got into some old sausage from my parents compost pile and developed pancreatitis.  We were at the emergency vet office at midnight one night and then on to her personal vet the next morning.  she was admitted and spent 1 night and 2 full days receiving fluids and other meds.  Luckily we caught it in time but at the age of 14, we weren't sure she would pull through.  She made it and it is back to herself.  I was a blubbering mess trying to explain to the vet that she got into some old sausage.  Not something you have to explain everyday.

My grandmother was admitted to the hospital this past week and later diagnosed with congestive heart failure.  She turns 88 this month so any major medical condition is a hard blow to us all.  But she is recovering well and will be seeing a cardiologist soon to help regulate meds and any other heart conditions. 

One of my dad's cousins died this past week from lung cancer.  We, as a family didn't get to go to the funeral but my dad did.  He was one of my dad's closest cousins and will be missed by many family members and friends.

We continue with the process of closing on the house we are purchasing.  Because this house is a foreclosure property, there are lots of unexpected circumstances that come along....just par for the course, so we've been told.  If you ever buy a foreclosed house...the best you can be for this is flexible and patient.  I am learning that all too well.

This past Friday night brought on some severe weather.  We were blessed to have no damage.  During this severe weather, hubby and my dad were traveling which left the boys, my mom and me behind.  I learned alot from my boys during this time.  While I wasn't scared of the sirens going off, the boys were terrified.  Their fear brought out the best in them.  They confirmed to me the importance of teaching them the peace and control of God.  They asked if they could pray and if I would pray.  My little boys showed a faith in God that alot of grown men have yet to grasp.  I thank God for the simple reminder even through a severe storm of the child like faith He asks of us.  I am also reminded of just how fervent I have to remain in prayer for my little boys to grow into men of faith. 

As the world turns,

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Some Friend They Are

My Boys: "Mama, we are so cited (excited) about our best friend's birthday party!" Me: "what's his name?" Boys:"ummm, I don't know. We forgot."

Monday, February 20, 2012

Let's Play Catch Up

Well, as usual, I have to play catch up when I decide to blog. And, wow, when you stop blogging your mind becomes rusty. So you'll have to excuse this rusty writing as I try to oil the wheels. Since my last post.. Yes, we now live back in my hometown after a 2 year stint in the Delta. JB had the opportunity to transfer back with bank. He also received a title promotion and has been selected to attend Banking School. Congrats, to my sweet hubby. The boys are repeating K5 this year at our local public school. No regrets in having them repeat. They are in the same class and doing well. They have made new friends who they can't wait to invite home to play as soon as we get our own home. We have been living with my parents since September while we try to sell our home in GVille. So grateful for their willingness. But we are ready to be on or own. So, we now have a contract on a home that we hope to close on within the next month. Nervous about having 2 mortgages but excited about getting back to our family of 4. I've started back in the working world. I work at a local preschool. I get to love on babies everyday. This job is a blessing to me that God entrusted me with. I am off just in time to pick my boys up from school and I get the same holidays as their school so I'm home when they are. The best of both worlds with a little extra spending money. I haven't been able to continue Hollypops due to space issues but hope to when space allows. BB just finished his first season of Upward Basketball. He enjoyed it and we enjoyed watching him develop more athletic skills, social skills, confidence all in a Christian perspective. CB chose not to play this year. I think it was a great experience for BB to play a sport separate from his brother. We have registered CB for Spring basesball. He played fall ball and loved it. He can't wait for Spring ball as this will be his first 'real' season of coach pitch. JB will be assisting with coaching as well. We have recently added 2 new members to our family thanks to Pappaw. 2 gold fish. These have lived over a week unlike the 4 unfortunate before them. Oh, I bought me a Kindle Fire with my Christmas money and Love it. In fact, I'm blogging from it! Happy Trails, The Family Bond PS please excuse the run on paragraphs. Some things never change with Blogger.