Smile for the Joy of Others

Smile for the Joy of Others

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Our Week in Review

It's been an emotional week but one that has turned out fine.  Gizmo got into some old sausage from my parents compost pile and developed pancreatitis.  We were at the emergency vet office at midnight one night and then on to her personal vet the next morning.  she was admitted and spent 1 night and 2 full days receiving fluids and other meds.  Luckily we caught it in time but at the age of 14, we weren't sure she would pull through.  She made it and it is back to herself.  I was a blubbering mess trying to explain to the vet that she got into some old sausage.  Not something you have to explain everyday.

My grandmother was admitted to the hospital this past week and later diagnosed with congestive heart failure.  She turns 88 this month so any major medical condition is a hard blow to us all.  But she is recovering well and will be seeing a cardiologist soon to help regulate meds and any other heart conditions. 

One of my dad's cousins died this past week from lung cancer.  We, as a family didn't get to go to the funeral but my dad did.  He was one of my dad's closest cousins and will be missed by many family members and friends.

We continue with the process of closing on the house we are purchasing.  Because this house is a foreclosure property, there are lots of unexpected circumstances that come along....just par for the course, so we've been told.  If you ever buy a foreclosed house...the best you can be for this is flexible and patient.  I am learning that all too well.

This past Friday night brought on some severe weather.  We were blessed to have no damage.  During this severe weather, hubby and my dad were traveling which left the boys, my mom and me behind.  I learned alot from my boys during this time.  While I wasn't scared of the sirens going off, the boys were terrified.  Their fear brought out the best in them.  They confirmed to me the importance of teaching them the peace and control of God.  They asked if they could pray and if I would pray.  My little boys showed a faith in God that alot of grown men have yet to grasp.  I thank God for the simple reminder even through a severe storm of the child like faith He asks of us.  I am also reminded of just how fervent I have to remain in prayer for my little boys to grow into men of faith. 

As the world turns,