Smile for the Joy of Others

Smile for the Joy of Others

Friday, July 27, 2012

A Peaceful Rejection

It's apparent that my lack of blogging only leads me to playing catch up when I actually decide to sit down and blog.  It's not that I don't have anything to blog about but rather I don't take the time to do it.  I have all kind of stuff that goes through my head that I want to blog about but it usually swims in my brain when I'm driving or trying to fall asleep at which neither times are convenient to blog.  So time marches on with the unkept promise of me blogging about "it" later.

So here's to playing catch up, once again:

The last time I blogged, we had a contract on a house that was a foreclosure.  That house fell through of which we know to be God's plan.  Life just didn't work out for us to get it. It went a little something like this: Please note we still had a mortgage on our home in G' had not yet sold and had no prospects.

We look at the house, the price is right and we make an offer.

The offer is finally accepted through many toils and snares.

We have an inspection which, of course, included a multitude of problems but we agree to deal with. Remember, when you buy a foreclosure, it's 'as is'.

We decide to have an HVAC engineer look at the system.  The house is too big for the 1 unit is has, therefore, he recommends that we put in another unit to relieve the strain of the 1.  Ummm, not sure we want to tackle this but, anyway, the house is a great price.

Starting to feel a little uneasy about getting this house.  "God, please guide us and give us a peace"

The appraisal comes back lower than we expect due to all the repairs it needed...acceptable but to not what we thought. 

No peace.

The Monday before we are to sign, JB's car dies...dead with no life left.  More expensive to repair and not worth the car.  So we are then forced to buy another car.

No peace but we will just 'deal' with it.

Tuesday before we are to sign, our mortgage originator calls JB and informs him that Fannie Mae forces buyers to open an escrow account with an allotted amount of money for the repairs.  This is supposedly normal procedure for buying a foreclosure, one of which we weren't aware of when seeking this house.  JB nor I wanted to take this route so we opted to back out of the contract letting them have the earnest money and keep all fees we have paid up to this point. Events that had preceded also led to this decision.

Tuesday afternoon we call our realtor to let her know we want to back out of the contract.  She gracefully informs us that we can't simply 'back out' of our contract.  We can and she believed that we would be sued for breech of contract since Chase bank owned the home. And they are a corporation certainly able to show their legal power.  The only way at this point to legally back out of the contract is if our loan was denied which wasn't gonna happen b/c we had already been pre-qualified.

Still no peace and furthermore worry has set in.

So, we suck it up and admit 'defeat' but told ourselves we will be thankful for what we have instead of complaining about the circumstances.  It was still a very nice home; far more than what many have.

Wednesday before we are to close on Friday, JB asks the mortgage originator what will happen if we opt out of the "escrow account".  We honestly wanted to pay for the repairs through different means. To quote her exactly, "then we will be forced to deny your loan".  Did you just read that? Forced to deny your loan, the only legal way to get out of the contract.  Never have I been so grateful to be denied or rejected! 

Finally his Peace!!!

We took a break from house hunting and decided to fully rely on God for his timing, which we obviously failed to do but through his grace and mercy, he delivered us.

3 months later we sold our home in G'ville and found another. 

We moved in our current home July 4th weekend and did it all with his PEACE which still resides in our home today. 

Lesson learned, I'll take God's peace over any of my desires.