Smile for the Joy of Others

Smile for the Joy of Others

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Biggest Looser

Scenario: The boys and I are eating lunch at the kitchen table. They like playing games between themselves...which is the biggest.

CB: "Which is bigger? My sippy or the bird"

BB: "The Sippy."

CB: "Yeah, BB, you got it right!"

CB: "Now, which is the biggest, really, really, REALLY BIGGEST?"

BB: "Mamma"

CB: "Yay!, BB you got it right!"

Yes, I was the biggest looser at this game.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Need Furniture?

As you have noticed in my past posts that I have used initials instead of names and haven't named the place of employment for my husband. Well, I am gonna make and exception for this one due to the situation.

Some of you already know that Jeremy has experienced a very recent (as in last Thursday) job change. Due to the slumping economy, he went from being the Corporate Trainer for Miskelly Furniture to a Sales Associate selling furniture. We were supported by a full time salary position to now a commission only position. While we are so grateful that he still has a job, the changes with this new position is very unpredictable, uncertain and uncomfortable. Commission only in this economy is not necessarily someone's first choice of job positions. However, any amount of income is better than none at all.

While we both have a certain level of worry and concern, we know whole heartily that God will provide in whatever way HE chooses. His ways and thoughts are not ours. There have been times in the past that we look back and are reminded of His unfailing love and His provision. One being about 4 years ago. We bought our current home in Oct. 2004, found out I was pregnant in Nov. 2004 and then later found out I was having twins in Dec. 2004. Who would have bought a house if they had known they were having twins 9 months later? We had accrued a mortgage and a family of 4 within 1 year, not to mention 2 car notes. Anyway, through His provision I am a SAHM with no car notes and 2 healthy, beautiful boys. It was only by His provision that we were able to have done that. He provided in ways that were beyond us. And I know He will do that for us during this time.

He has already shown me in little ways that He still takes care of His children. The Tuesday before Jeremy got word of his job change, I had planned to take the boys to the Zoo with my mom, dad, sister and abbey. The boys were so excited to go and went to bed talking about going to the zoo the next day. Well, Jeremy came home the night before with the news. I debated whether or not we should still go in attempt to immediately start saving more money. I told my family that I would let them know my decision the next day.

My sister called me the next morning and said that she had gotten in the mail... 12 "Buy 1 admission get 1 admission free" tickets to the Zoo. I cried when she told me that. I had prayed the night before that God would either help the boys understand why we couldn't go or that He would provide a way for us to go without me feeling guilty about spending the money. Maybe a small affirmation to some but it was God showing Himself in a BIG way for me.

That following Friday, I had to get CB a prescription filled for his runny nose. The medicine cost $30.00 even with our insurance. We went to Kroger got the medicine and came on home. About 2 hours later, I went to give CB his medicine with his snack. The medicine had not been mixed and was still a powder when it should have been a liquid. So I loaded the boys back up and headed back to Kroger. They mixed CB medicine up and for the inconvenience they gave me a $20 credit on my Kroger card. I stood there in tears when she told me that.

My tears must have shocked her because she asked if I was ok and quote, "$20 is all that we can give for this mistake". I told the girl, "Thank you so much. If you only knew what this $20 means to me right now. It's just another gift and affirmation of God's provision." "You see, it's not that $20 is that much, it's that God is so much more!"

Although we wouldn't choose this job situation for our family we are excited about seeing how God will work in our family. I can't wait for Him to reveal himself just as He did in the circumstances that I shared above. I can't wait to tell you, readers, about those times also. He expects us to expect that from Him. He wants us to look for those moments and recognize them. Will this be easy all the time....certainly not. A life in the will of God is not always easy and further more, He expects us to praise Him for these times and to be thankful for these hardships. "I will praise you in this Storm"

So in light of Jeremy's job change, if you need any furniture or know of someone who does, please come see Jeremy Bond at Miskelly Furniture. He will be working at the main store. His days to work are Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. If you are unable to visit or buy on those days, he can meet you on your days. They have a website you can browse before going to the store

Until next time, "His eye is on the sparrow for I know He watches me!", HB

Friday, March 13, 2009

Paint or Pollen?

This is what a spot on my driveway looked like the other day when I washed my car off to rid it of all this pollen. The boys thought it was some of their chalk paint they got for Christmas. They wanted to paint with it. It was a challenge trying to explain to them that this was pollen and not paint.
Thankfully these current rain showers will wash some of this allergy attacking enemy away for awhile. My sinuses are most grateful.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Quirky Me #2: Sitting Arrangements

When I am at a restaurant or any other public situation, I can't sit with my back to the door, entrance/exit. I have to face the entrance door or towards that way if the door is not visible from my seat. Another words, I need to see who is coming in or coming towards me. I can't stand knowing that someone can walk up behind me and I not see them or know that they are there.

Several of my former supervisors were therapists while one was a Clinical Psychologist. When they realized this about me, they enjoyed analyzing this "quirk" of mine. They all came to the conclusion that it links to a trust issue or rather a non-trust issue. Apparently I don't trust people enough and like to be in control of my environment. And you know, they are right.

When JB and I had only been seeing each other for a few days, he almost called it off due to an incident related to this. I was eating with some friends in the cafeteria at school, (college...those who attended MC about 9 years ago, know why you ate at the cafeteria). The cafeteria had 2 entrances on opposite sides. I would usually sit in an arrangement were I could see both entrances but this time, there was not chair at the table to do that. As I was eating and fellowshipping with friends, JB came up behind me and put his hands over my eyes. I went ballistic and acted totally rude and irrational. He didn't understand nor knew that I had this quirk...and this quirk is directed to such situations that he had just presented...not knowing that someone is coming up on me nor knowing who it is once they are there.

I had to call and apologize to him later that afternoon and explain this quirk. He accepted my apology and, well, obviously continued the relationship.

My mom has this same quirk but I don't know if it's for the same reasons.

Until next time, HB

Monday, March 2, 2009

3rd Time's a Charm

Amongst the sickness, doctor visits and other daily chaos at our house, our microwave died last week. I was warming something up when I heard, "BBBBZZZZZ" and then saw a puff of smoke come out of it. I just stared at for awhile thinking that the longer I stared it would work again. The boys came running into the kitchen asking, "what was that noise, mamma?" "EEEWWWW, it stinks. What is that smell?" I told them that the microwave died and the smoke was what they smelled.

That was Tuesday. I was sick most of the week along with the boys and just didn't feel like going to Lowe's to look for another until Friday night. Even then, I had to make myself go.

JB had mentioned an over the stove microwave of which I was thrilled with the idea. That meant more counter top space for me to use. And more space is always needed.

We found one that we agreed at Lowe's. Got it to the car and quickly learned that it wouldn't fit in the trunk and certainly not in the back seat with 2 car seats and 2 boys. We left it at Lowe's went back to the house, got the other car, went back Lowe's to pick it up. Then headed to eat "Mexico".

After putting the boys to bed, JB began to work on installing it. We quickly realized that the "standard" sized microwave for over the stove, is not so standard for our kitchen. It was too big. It barely left enough room to use the stove. If there would be a fire on the stove or something to boil over, it would have attacked the microwave.

So the next morning, we all head back to Lowe's in separate cars to pick out another microwave. The thrilling idea of having one over the stove had vanished. We picked another out that we both agreed on. They didn't have one in a box so we took the display. The boys and JB headed back home while I left for some much needed grocery shopping.

I arrived home and found the monstrous microwave where the old one use to be. That thing was huge, much bigger than the previous one we had and took up more counter top space. It didn't look that big at Lowe's but it was over-powering in my little kitchen. JB suggested that we just leave it and maybe it would "grow" on us. Well, it certainly "grew" on me. The more I looked at it the bigger it got.

After coming home from Abbey's birthday party that night, I looked at it as I walked in the kitchen and told JB, I hated it. I was trying to gain more space and make my kitchen look better and that huge microwave was just in the way of my plans. Yep, it had "grown", alright.

My dear, sweet husband loaded the 2nd microwave in the car at 7:30 PM and hauled it back to Lowe's. He came home with a smaller more appropriate one for the kitchen. It looks much better gained my satifactory approval.

3rd times a charm even if it's getting a new microwave.

Until next time, HB