Smile for the Joy of Others

Smile for the Joy of Others

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Another Affirmation

To update y'all on JB's job as promised...let's recall the last blog. I told you that he basically was creating a training program for the company and that the final presentation was to the Executive Management.

About 1 week ago, he presented his plans, developments, and ideas to Debra, the Executive Manager. It was questionable if she would accept the major changes and ideas that JB had created because the company hasn't had any such program.

I am so proud to announce that she excitingly accepted his proposals. She was excited and extremely pleased with his ideas and proposals. JB said that it could not gone any better.

Now the next challenge is to implement these new changes. One in which JB is excited to begin.

God continues to bless JB in this new career and this victory is just another affirmation. Thanks again to those who have prayed for JB during this career change. He is still very much excited and feels blessed in this new challenge.

Until next time, HB

Friday, July 27, 2007

New Slide Show

I have posted a new slide show of the boys under "CB & BB in action" at the bottom of the page. Hope you enjoy.

Until next time...."Cheeeeese!", HB

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Dog Gone Good Time!!

This past Saturday, we celebrated the boys' birthday with a "Dog" themed party. We were blessed to have lots of friends and family to join us in the celebration. We know lives are busy and JB & I are so appreciative to those who took their time to celebrate our 2 years of blessings.

The boys are still enjoying all the fun gifts they were given...water guns, shopping carts, a pull wagon, bubbles, tub toys, puzzles, talking "bickey mouse", aqua doodle, pajamas, wooden Tonka trucks, books, "doctor's" kits, and many more.

The money that was given will go to fund their upcoming fall wardrobe.

We feasted on hot dogs, corn dogs, puppy chow, pupcakes, potato salad and little cocktails "weenies". I hope each enjoyed their "dog bone" treats later that evening.

If smiles are proof of fun, well the kids had plenty of it while "dog paddling" in the pools and sliding down the water slide.

Thanks again to each of you. You all made their party even more special. I've posted a few more pics...hope y'all enjoy.

Until next time, HB

Monday, July 23, 2007

Which One are You?

I found this on a "caringbridge" blog the other day. After reading it, I thought it to have some truth and it made me think. Thought I would pass it along to you for some thought. The author of this was not listed but said that it came from their pastor at First Presbyterian. I don't know what "First Presbyterian" it is referring to.

"As a believer's life is very different from an unbeliever's, so also a believer's death is very different from the unbeliever's death. The unbeliever prefers heaven over hell; the believer prefers heaven over this earth. The unbeliever prefers heaven only over hell because he cannot imagine anything more blessed than this life. The believer prefers heaven over earth because the believer cannot imagine anything more blessed than life with God."

I would never add to this quote because it is not mine, but would like to add this thought. I have heard so many people refer to life as "hell on earth". I think you could further add to the thought above, that unbelievers prefer heaven over hell not only because he cannot imagine anything more blessed than this life but also because they cannot imagine anything worse than this life. And the reality of it is...hell is far more worse than this life. So much more that words cannot begin to describe the realities of hell. Not only can believers not imagine anything more blessed than a life with God, believers also can't imagine anything worse than hell. And know that heaven is for more splendid than this earth.

Until next time, HB

Friday, July 20, 2007

Happy Birthday, Boys!!!


Some days seem endless-

my patience grows thin.

Why was I chosen

to be the mother of twins?

The answer comes clear

at the end of the day

as I tuck them in bed.

There's two to kiss.

There's two to hug.

And the best of all-

There's two to love.
Where does the time go? This day two years ago, JB and I were blessed with CB and BB. We were so anxious about 2 to care for at one time, but knew it was a blessing that God had given us. We can't imagine life to be any different. We love them so much as they continue to grow and bring joy into our lives.

Mama and Dadda, love you CB and BB. We can't wait to see what this upcoming year brings...I know it will be more smiles, laughs and giggles.

Happy Birthday...

love Mama and Dadda,

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Birthday with GiGi and Grandpa

As some of you know, the boys will turn 2 the 20th. And this past Saturday, we celebrated with GiGi and Grandpa (JB's parents). His parents and grandparents live in a sister state so in order for them to join in the celebration, his mom hosted a small birthday party for the boys. This allowed for the great grandparents to celebrate their birthday when otherwise because of the distance would not be possible. We were blessed to celebrate with Nonna, Granny, Granddaddy, Gigi and Grandpa.

The cake was so cute and the presents were exciting to open and even more exciting to play with. The boys are still enjoying their Nerf footballs, puzzles, and bubble machines.

Thanks to JB's parents for their willingness to give the boys a party in order for the distant family to celebrate the boys' birthday.

Gigi had a cake to compliment a "zoo" theme. Isn't it cute?

CB loves his "futboll" that Granny and Granddaddy gave him. (Don't worry, each got one)

BB enjoyed the hippo bubble blower that Gigi and Grandpa gave him. CB got a dinosaur blower but was a little frightened by the sound it made when pulling the trigger. Instead he enjoyed "catching and busting" the bubbles... which made for a perfect team--BB "blew" while CB "busted".

Even Gizmo partied til she was pooped.

Fun was had by all and we enjoyed our visit with JB's family. Until next time, HB

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Can't Take Them Anywhere

Last Wednesday evening, the boys and I attended a cousin's wedding. Although this was the first wedding the boys have attended, it was a small, quaint wedding with family and a few friends. JB had a meeting that he could not get out of so it was just me with the boys. Fortunately, my parents were also there and helped me as much as they could. But even with the most help the boys can still act uncivilized. I had gone to capture CB while my mom and dad were watching BB and socializing with family.

Y'all have heard me refer to us as a "dog and pony" show. Where here is my proof why...

I turned the corner with CB and found BB doing this to someone else's plate (I already had my camera in my hand):
I, of course, was flabbergasted but amused. After he acknowledged my presence he just looked up at me with this face:

And said, "CAKE!!!"

Isn't this the way dogs and ponies eat? After all, he was just living up to our act.

Until next time, check your local listings for our next performance, HB

PS. I have posted a few pictures of us to prove that we can act civilized in public.

Friday, July 13, 2007

The Wilds around Us

JB didn't have the 4th off, so instead they allowed him to take another day. So this past Monday, he was off and we had a family day. Our original plans were to go to the water park, but due to storms that was not possible. Instead we visited the local Natural Science Museum. JB and I have been a few times before and the last time the boys had been they crawled through it. They enjoyed the aquariums and running free through the exhibits.

I would like to commend the Museum for the great exhibits they have. It is a very nice Museum with enough to keep one's attention no matter the age. It is nice to have such exhibits available in our area. They currently have a "Hunters of the Sky" exhibit which displays predators of the sky. As you will see in some of the pics below, it is an interesting exhibit.
We also enjoyed viewing the aquariums.

Hope y'all enjoy the pictures. I encourage you to visit if you have not already and if you have, return for the new exhibits.

Two headed

Great horned owl.

Can't recall
the name-
but cool

Until next time, HB

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


This past Sunday during church, JB and I sat in the balcony with my parents. As typical Baptist, my parents have their marked pew. JB and I don't really have a marked pew instead we are sorta like nomads or gypsies, just end up wherever. I don't know that we have actually sat in the same spot for any length of time.

However, we did end up in the balcony this past Sunday. And where my parents sit is behind the "sound booth". Every time I sit up there, I am reminded why it's not my preferred spot. It's just about too distracting for me with the sound people doing there job which requires alot of movement and sometimes having to communicate amongst themselves.

Well, this past Sunday there was added distraction with 2 teenage girls and the teenage boy who operates the lighting system in the booth. To help you understand the layout, the girls were sitting in a pew horizontal from the boy in the "sound booth". There were steps between them, thus creating a great deal of space.

It all started at the beginning of the service. I saw something tossed from the "lighting boy" (for the lack of a better description) to the girls sitting in the pew across from him. I immediately saw that it was note as one of the girls opened to read it and proceeded to write a response and toss the note back. Now, it didn't bother too much at this point because I was a teenager once and remember "talking" in church and I was willing to excuse one time. However, when it continued through the 1st 30 minutes of the service along with laughter, I became very frustrated and distracted.

In one of his attempts to toss the note back to the 2 girls, the note landed halfway between the pews. Neither of them got up to retrieve the note, instead, laughed at the situation and furthered their conversation by "mouthing their words". It was at this time, I got up, walked down 2 steps and intercepted the note. As I walked back to my seat, a man sitting next to us said, "Thank You". I sat back down and attempted to focus on the rest of the sermon.

At this point in the worship service, I was so distracted and frustrated I found it hard to pay attention. Thoughts of how to handle this situation after the service was over were running through my mind. Should I read the note? Should I give it to the youth director? Or should I give it to the person over the "sound and light production"? Let me inform those who do not know---the youth are not supposed to be in worship at this hour, so I don't know why these 2 girls were. Maybe they are not members and they only come to flirt with this boy, I don't know. But for whatever reason, they were very distracting to the congregation around them.

Needless to say, they did not toss anymore notes nor did they converse with each other to the extent of before my interception. I approached the girls after the service and gave back their note. I did not read the note but simply told them..."I didn't read your note and don't care to. I hope what is written is not dishonoring to God especially in His house. But I will say, girls, that your actions have been most distracting and furthermore, dishonoring to Him during this time of worship. And I ask that any conversation to this extent be taken care of before or after the worship service." To which they replied, "Yes, Mam". (boy, did that make me feel old, with the 'mam'). I didn't see myself being that much older than they. I then approached the "lighting boy" and told him the same. To which he replied, "Yeah, ok". I don't think he was as sorry as the girls appeared to be.

I think I may need to sit in the first couple of pews on the floor. They are usually empty and will be less distracting. However, that may be too close for comfort...maybe less distracting but more convicting.

Until next time, HB

Monday, July 9, 2007

To Pass or Not to Pass?..That shouldn't be a Question

This blog expresses my (HB) veiws and opinions only. It in no way is meant to expresses the views of JB or any other particular member of our church.

For those who are not members of my church, this is another post that may not interest you nor will you fully understand the situation. However, I encourage you to read regardless. To bring you up to date, July 1st, our church voted on the proposals presented by the "Vision Team". To recall the proposals, you may read My Conflicts, Concerns, and Comments blog archived in June. So to update you as to where we are, the results of the votes were revealed this past Sunday. And in order for a proposal to be implemented or passed, 75% of the members who voted had to vote "YES".

For those who are members, you should be well aware of the situation that our church is currently experiencing. And I am sure you are now aware of the outcome of the vote. However, I will post them for those who do not know.

*Requirements for Membership (12 week class)---45.1% (for) 54.9% (against)----overwhelmingly NO

*Children's Program/Small Groups (Sunday Schools would be moved to Sunday and Wednesday nights with a dramatic change to the Children's Ministry)----70.5% (for)
29.5% (against)----close but NO

*Community Impact Team----81.9% (for) 18.1% (against)---overwhelmingly YES

*New Welcome Center Area----72.8% (for) 27.2% (against)----close but NO

As you can see 2 of the proposals were a close "race". And because they were so close to the 75% requirement, the Vision Team approached our pastor asking him to consider "pushing it through" (for the lack of better words). After much prayer and consideration, our pastor deferred the decision to the deacons.

Let me 1st say, that I respect our pastor for not making the decision himself. I do not believe that a pastor should have that much authority in a church, hence, the reason for deacons and other leaders.

However, I will state that I do not believe this issue should even have to go before our deacons. In our church's By Laws it is stated that a proposal needs 51% of a "yes" vote to pass. However, our pastor made the decision early-on to forgo the 51% requirement and setting 75% as the needed requirement. The members of the church voted with the impression and understanding that 75% was needed in order for the proposal to pass. And to "change the rules in the middle of the game" is just wrong, regardless of how close. The Vision Team and our church staff had enough confidence in the members of the church to allow them to vote what they felt was God's will. And to now consider passing the proposal without the 75% requirement, is undermining their ability to represent themselves for God's will. I believe that that this sends the message that your vote doesn't count and we are not confident in what the church as a whole voted. The members are now being encouraged to call the deacons and voice their opinion as to rather the proposals should be passed or should remain. As one member told me, he shouldn't have to call the deacons to represent him; he represented himself with his vote as he was originally asked to do. The person now feels that his vote and belief of what he thought to be God's will is not good enough and is inadequate. I can honestly understand his view; although I do not feel the same.

It burdens me to tears that there is even consideration to override the majority of the vote. I believe that if the proposals are passed regardless of the majority vote, the members were lied to, mislead, and deceived; thus, undermining their ability to vote as a church member what they feel is God's will. I know those are harsh words but the church has "spoken", regardless if you or I disagree or agree with the outcome. I am bothered that there are members who want to use the 51% By Law requirement as a reason to pass the proposals. If this were the case, then all but the Membership proposal would pass regardless of the 75% requirement that was originally presented to the church members. And even then, the Membership Requirement should go ahead and be passed because with 45.1% of "yes" votes, it's close enough to the 51% that would be needed to pass. The 51% By Law is not an issue nor should it be a factor in this case as it was forgone and presented to the deacons before the proposals were even presented. As I wrote earlier, members were told what the requirements were before voting and to change that after the fact is deceiving.

At this point, I do not mind telling you what I voted. I voted "yes" to all but the Membership Requirements. And I must admit that I was disappointed with the outcome; however, not to the point that I believe the votes should be overridden. And after processing this tonight through prayer, writing, and talking with JB, I believe that God can use what did pass, the Community Impact Team, to change our church and this community like no other church has. Does that mean that I believe that there is no need for change nor should there be change within our church, absolutely NOT! I am merely saying that with 81.9% of the church members believing that we can impact our community for Christ....let's do it. Let's put our vote into action---another blog coming soon concerning this proposal.

On another note, I have heard that some have given the "Vision Team" the nickname of the "Division Team". And if that be you, you should be ashamed. And such thoughts toward any member of the team is totally unChristlike. I don't know any person on the team in a personal manner, but I do know that neither their goal nor their heart was to cause a "division". And the division that has occurred, is because of a "heart matter" not the persons or the team itself.

I will end this blog asking that you pray for our deacons, staff and members of my church. And if you are reading this because you know me personally and do not go to my church, I ask that you pray for JB. He is a deacon in our church and has a burden to do the right thing. He has his convictions but has asked that I not share them at this time which I respect and honor his request. However, I have asked JB that at some point to share with you his thoughts about this. He said that he would consider after all is done but not before the Deacon's meeting. I hope he will share with you, because like me, I think you will find them to be honoring and humble before God.

Until next time, HB

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Wrong Bird

Since my post of Target Practice, Anyone?, I had not been woken by the pecking of a bird. I had full confidence that someone had found the infamous woodpecker and took care of my problem. Well, I found out otherwise this past Friday.

I was again woken at an earlier hour than I care to be by his annoying pecking on my house. Except this time I was able to get a quick glance at him. I opened the back door and would you know that bird didn't immediately fly off. Instead he turned its head and actually looked at me--face to face, eye to eye. I swear he did it just to let me know he was still around. I think I even saw him stick his tongue at me (I think that's bird language for "flipping the bird"). And if looks could speak, I felt like I had just been "given the bird" by his. He showed no fear.

After seeing what he looked like, I realized I had a "hit" on the wrong bird. So if you happen to have taken out this bird:

Wrong bird. Instead he looks more like this one:

This bird has a brown head instead of red like his infamous cousin. I don't know the name of this bird or how many there are. And at this point, I don't care. He had his warning but didn't heed to it.

However, the first bird may still be around and is now in disguise with an alias. In that case, the 2 above pictures will be useful when searching.

So again, I am putting out another hit on the woodpecker. Open season, my friends.

Until next time, keep your eyes open, HB

Thursday, July 5, 2007

My Name is Pride

Hello, my name is Pride. I am a cheater.

I cheat you of your God given destiny...because you demand your own way.

I cheat you of contentment because..."you deserved better than this."

I cheat you of knowledge already know it all.

I cheat you of healing are too full of me to forgive.

I cheat you of holiness refuse to admit you are wrong.

I cheat you of vision would rather look in the mirror instead of out the window.

I cheat you of genuine friendship because...nobody is going to know the real you.

I cheat you of love because...real romance demands sacrifice.

I cheat you of greatness in Heaven refuse to wash another's feet on earth.

I cheat you of God's glory because...I convince you to seek your own.

My name is Pride. I am a cheater. You like me because you think I am always looking out for you. UNTRUE!

I am looking to make a fool out of you. God has so much for you, I admit, but don't worry. If you stick with me, you'll never know it!

I heard this through a Bible study that I participated in several months ago. This description of pride is so accurate and convicting (at least to me), I thought I would share it with you.

Until next time, HB

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Shrimp Scampi

1 lb. shrimp (peeled)
1 stick of butter
4 oz. Italian dressing
1/3 cup lemon juice
1 T. garlic salt

Melt butter in pan. Add Italian dressing, lemon juice, and garlic salt. When contents begin to brown, stir in shrimp. Saute for 5 to 8 minutes. Turn occasionally. Serve over your favorite pasta.

Rating: * * * * * (5 stars)

Bon Appetite, HB

Backyard Bathing

Saturday after the boys' nap, they took a swim in the pool. Before getting out, I decided to go ahead and just bathe them. Why not? The water was warm and wasn't very dirty. I welcome shortcuts that eliminate any of the rush chaos we tend to have at night. This was even Eco-friendly. We conserved water, gas, and electricity...and the most valuable, time.

Until next time, rub-a-dub-dub, HB

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Up, Up and Away

This past Friday, we went to the Balloon Glow in a sister city. JB had never been and I had been a few times in the past. And for those who know CB, he had a blast looking at the "ba's". His little eyes grew with excitement when he saw the balloons. We also enjoyed fellowshipping with most of our friends from Sunday School. Our dear friend, Ann, presented the idea to all of us and most were able to join in the fun with their families. The kids enjoyed each other's play while the parents enjoyed each others company and conversation.

We picnicked on Chic-Fil-A and followed with some funnel cake and cotton candy. There were several local bands and Craig Morgan for entertainment. There was a fireworks show after the glow but we did not get to see it. It had started lightening; therefore, we left early. We already have our hands full with the boys and it certainly would have been a show to see us trying to race to the car in the rain--one that I would not have wanted to perform.

JB's mom was in town for the weekend and got to go with us. We enjoyed her visit and company.

Until next time...up and up and away, HB