Smile for the Joy of Others

Smile for the Joy of Others

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Vacation 2015

Well, it's obvious I've been on vacation from blogging.  But we really did recently go on an extended vacation....I just took a longer one from blogging. 

Our boys and I took a 2 week vacation with my parents in September.  Hubby stayed home bc he couldn't take that much time off.

We traveled to PA, visiting Gettysburg, Hershey and the Amish country.  We went as far north to Plymouth, MA visiting the Plimoth Plantation, the Mayflower II and whale watching.  We completed our trip in Williams, VA where we visited the Colonial Village. 

Hershey, PA was the most disappointing with the Amish country being the most serendipitous.  The Hershey factory was nothing more than an expensive candy store.  I did not know that you don't actually get to tour the factory.  They do have a theme park but it was closed during our visit.  The Amish country was pure natural beauty.  The Amish farms were beautiful and seeing the lifestyles of the Amish was intriguing.  We enjoyed shopping some of their goods and seeing their horse and buggy style transportation. 

Brother B even gained a pen pal friend.  We stopped at their road side 'stand' to buy some of their Indian corn.  Crist, one of the children, came over and eagerly conversed with us.  He was full of stories about his rabbit and his family.  I had been wanting to find a pen pal for our boys and his friendliness presented the perfect opportunity.  With permission of his parents, they have now exchanged several letters. 

We enjoyed the many other facets of our trip, seeing the beautiful countryside in parts of the country we had never been.  It was also an education trip for our boys as they were able to experience the living history of Plymouth, Williamsburg, Jamestown and Yorktown.  This kind of learning helps make the books we read come alive.  It was also such a great adventure that homeschooling allowed us to do during this time of year.