Smile for the Joy of Others

Smile for the Joy of Others

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sale Pending...Under Contract

As of today, our house is at "Sale Pending"..."Under Contract" status. We have come to an agreement with the buyer. Not exactly what we were asking for, but the difference is not worth the possibility of having a house note and apartment rent come September. The difference will easily be made up within the next few months.

This is a cash sale so closing costs and other details of the sale will be less complicated. Also, closing will be sooner due to no mortgage company being involved. Of course, final sale depends on the house and termite inspection.

This is just another confirmation and affirmation that God is in control and that this move is His will for us at this time in our life. I would have never guessed to sale our home this soon. But God's time is not ours.

See you later,

Saturday, June 27, 2009

No News

We haven't heard regarding the counter offer. Not sure if that's a good or bad. We don't want to rush any prospect into a decision but don't want to drag it out either.

Just waiting. We will let y'all know when we hear.

See you later,

Thursday, June 25, 2009

1st offer

We've had our first offer on our house.

Of course, we have since counter-offered. This took place yesterday so we may hear back today.

All we can do is pray that both parties involved can come to an agreement. If we agree to disagree, than I believe that God has someone else for our house and not the current buyer.

I am surprising calm about this whole process. It's a peace that God has given me. It also helps that I am not in a hurry to buy a house in Greenville. I think it's the first time I've had this much patience. Maybe it's because I'm procrastinating the if God chooses to keep our house on the market for awhile....I don't mind ;).

Regardless, we really do feel that God is control of this situation. Thanks for all your prayers and encouragement.

The boys and I are in Greenville visiting JB. We all will return home either this Friday or Saturday. We have a Sunday School Party that we don't want to miss.

See you later,

Friday, June 19, 2009

Pill Poppin' Pooch

This past Wednesday my dad called me while I was at the pool. He was rushing Gizmo to the vet.

He dropped his medication and after picking them up, he noticed he was missing one. He looked over at Gizmo and saw her licking her chops.

To be on the safe side, he assumed she had eaten his Plavix. Upon the vet's orders, he took her in just to make sure.

They induced vomiting but couldn't find a pill. There was a chance that it had already dissolved. So they administered some kind of activated charcoal treatment (I may have that all wrong) to absorb any medication that may have been left in her blood system. After a full day of monitoring, her heart rate and blood pressure remained stable and normal. They reported that she remained alert and active. I think that was their nice way of saying...Loud and Annoying.

Only those that have experienced Gizmo's act can vouch for her loud, annoying, consistent bark.

She never showed signs of any distress. We either assume that she didn't eat or that the treatments administered worked.

As if moving, living with my parents, running a small business, swim lessons, and JB in Greenville wasn't enough chaos...we add a pill poppin' pooch.

See you later,

Thursday, June 18, 2009

For Sale

Well, last Monday we officially put our house on the market. It was the beginning of the end. It made it very real to me that we are moving.

I've had many ask, "How are you gonna sale your house in this economy?".

I'm not. I can't sell it. I've put it all in God's hands. He knows the plans for us and only He can sell it. There is not much else I can do and the most I can do is put my faith and trust in Him to sell it. It's not a worry I choose to run my emotions at this time. Now, months from now if it hasn't sold, I'll re-evaluate. But for now, it's all on Him.

We aren't really looking at houses in Greenville until we sell this one.

The boys and I are still staying with my parents. It's actually been a transition that has gone smoother than I expected. My parents have been very helpful and welcoming.

We've been going to church with my parents on Wed and Sunday night. They have continued their pre-school and children's programs during the summer. The boys have enjoyed making new friends and I've enjoyed the fellowship of friends at this sister church in our city. However, on Sunday mornings, Jeremy and I are attending our church, the church I will probably always consider my home church.

Just an update our journey.

See you later,

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


JB is off this week so, of course, we've been packing. Our plan is to move most of our stuff in storage. JB will be in a fully furnished apartment that we will have access for 3 months. If after that 3 months we haven't sold the house, then we will re-evaluate our living situation at the time.

Meanwhile, the boys and I will be staying with my parents. Not sure how long this will last but there are some summer activities that were already planned. Also, I am not thrilled about keeping 2, active, almost 4 year olds in a 2 bedroom apartment. Although, moving back in with one's parents is not an easy situation either. No offense to my parents, but they have their routine as well as we have ours.

Hopefully it want come to choosing the lesser of two evils. (j/k).

Today has been rather frustrating to me. I like to be in control and there are some situations that I just don't have control over. I had hoped to have most of our furniture out of the house by tomorrow so that I can clean at least Thursday and Friday. Plus, JB's mom will be here and I could sure her help with the cleaning. Well, as of right now that's may not happen and there is rain on the way.

The boys have been amazingly cooperative. They have minded and stayed out of the way all the while being helpful, too. I was concerned that they would need to be entertained during all of this but I think the whole packing has been enough entertainment for them. Other than the million questions and the why's, I can't complain about their behavior.

See you later, HB

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Skinny Jeans....

Now I know longer have to blame my body type for the reason not to wear these and use the excuse "Because they don't fit me!"

See you later, HB