Smile for the Joy of Others

Smile for the Joy of Others

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

BB: "Boo, Hobby Lobby!"

Me: "Why you Boo-ing Hobby Lobby? Whatcha' got against Hobby Lobby?"

BB: "Duh, Momma, they are the Rebels."

Me: "You mean Boo-Hotty Toddy?"

BB: "Oh, yeah."

Friday, October 26, 2012

Pajama Drama

CB: "Momma, what are pajama kids?"

Me: "I don't know, Christian. I haven't heard of them."

BB: "I know. They get naked and rock out!"

Me: "What? Brooks, they do not. That's ridiculous. Where did you hear that? Besides, I haven't even seen anything about pajama kids."

BB; "Momma, after our bath we are naked and rock out before we put our pajamas on."

CB: "Well, Momma, there's a sign right back there."

Me: "Christian, that sign says DRAMA Kids. Not pajama kids. Drama Kids teaches children how to acting skills."

BB: "Momma, you always tell us 'we should know how to act'"

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Halloween Checklist for Pets

Halloween is a fun time for kids and many adults but can be frightening and stressful for your pets. As a pet owner you know your pet the best but here are some points to consider!

1-Continual door bell ringing and people at the door.
2- Strangers in costume
3- Candles and Jack-o-Lanterns are a fire hazard for stressed pets
4- Keeping pets indoors to prevent cruel treatment
5- CANDY and WRAPPERS - candy can be toxic to animals and wrappers can cause obstructions

This information is from Greenville Animal Clinic and Hospital.  This was Gizmo's vet when we lived there.  They have been my all time favorite veterinary clinic I have ever taken Gizmo and are one of few things I miss from G'ville. 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

One Pretty Momma of Twins

Yesterday, I decided to surprise my boys with a lunch date at school.  Well, actually, I debated all morning whether to go or not.  I wasn't exactly dressed the best and I was busy with housework.  I had initially decided not to go because I just didn't think I 'looked' the part with little make up and hair pulled back in a ponytail. I felt guilty for making the lunch date about myself instead of what it would mean to my boys.  So the more I thought about it, I realized these opportunities would soon be gone and unwelcomed as they grow older.  With that realization, I grabbed my purse and headed the 3 miles for my lunch date despite my 'less than' look of being in public.

As I waited in the commons sort of embarrassed of how I looked, their class came around the corner.  I was quickly greeted with many smiles and hellos from their classmates.

Little boy in their class: "Are you CB and BB's momma?"

Me: "Yes, sir. I am."

Same classmate: "You are pretty."

Standing there shocked with a look that clearly said, "Bless her heart, she doesn't hear that very often, especially when looking like that."    I started to ask him if I could be his momma but feared the desperation would be revealed along with the look I had on my face. So instead I simply replied, "Thank you." 

Another fellow classmate hearing I am their mother: "What?  They only have 1 momma?  I thought they had 2"

I guess he doesn't understand the concept of twins.

I came home with a new lesson learned.  My boys love me for eating lunch with them not for the way I look.  I should live the same.  Because in years to come, how I looked is not gonna be what they remember.  The way I made them feel is what they will remember.  The simple act of lunch only 3 miles from home will be remembered over any outfit, makeup, or look I had or didn't have.

And may I be reminded that when I "get over myself" and make it less about me and all about them, blessings abound plentiful in the least expected, most innocent ways. 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Taste and See

To any new readers, I invite you visit Taste and See for some recipe ideas.  You will find recipes from many different sources; family cookbooks, Pinterest, magazines and the web.  All have been tried and proven to be blog worthy.

Sunday, October 21, 2012


First let me make it clear...I am in NO WAY defending the ACLU.  I don't like the ACLU for what they defend.  But my focus of this blog is not what the ACLU can do but rather what they can't do.

This past week, the ACLU presented a MS County School Superintendent with a letter demanding they cease all prayers on school grounds.  There were allegations of teachers and coaches leading students in prayers and scripture during school hours and/or during extra curricular activity hours.

Of course, some of the first reactions were typical of a Southern Bible Belt:

"When prayer was in schools crime was much lower and the kids had more respect for others. Since prayer was taken out of schools crime has increased and respect went out the window. "

"This is America ... People should be allowed to pray any where they choose to in any place at any time .."

"The biggest problem today are these people speaking out against God. Do you not see that this is why all of these kids are getting bullied at school, more and more suicides/school shooting are occurring, more and more negativity are plaguing the kids of the future, etc." 

My opinion in regards to the above reactions...I don't believe school crime or the decline of 'school behavior' is solely blamed on the lack of prayer in schools.  The lack of prayer may not expose a set of values to be followed or expected but it's not the sole reason for decline.  

I believe the decline of 'school behavior' is a direct consequence of the moral decline in our culture.  The moral decline of our culture is a direct consequence of the decline of the traditional family.  The decline of the traditional family is a direct consequence of the lack of God in the home.  Another words...Prayers left the home long before prayers left the schools. 

Sometime in cases when a freedom is challenged, people suddenly think it's popular to stand up for that freedom.  My question to those who suddenly find it popular to stand up for God...1.  Are you as worried as much about prayer in your home as you are at school?  2. Does your life as a whole reflect the glory of God as much as you think this prayer in school does? 3.  Do you realize that your actual freedom to pray in school is not being challenged but instead administration lead prayer is?  4.  Do you live your life glorifying God with as much passion as you are fighting this challenge?  

Does if frustrate me that Christians seem be challenged in more areas of religious freedom?...more than I could ever express with words on a mere blog.    And I do have a problem with the minority who want to ruin it for the majority...especially if it's been done for years without any issues.  But I also know that laws are put in place for reasons and rural schools must follow the same federal laws as metropolis schools.   And these laws are upheld for reasons even if we don't always find them fair.  Think about this for a moment...the law allows prayers in school.  If this is the case, then the law has to allow prayers of other religions:  Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, Wicca, etc.  That means there could be administration lead prayers representing all religions that are enrolled in any given school.  With that law in place, it would mean our children would be exposed to and influenced by all different religions.  I DO NOT WANT the public school system spiritually influencing my children especially when paying for private school is not the best financial option for families and it's really not needed when the public school offers excellent academic opportunities and learning.  

No one should rely on the public school to spiritually influence your child.  God didn't ordain the government to be the spiritual influence for our children.  He ordained the church and the family.  If there is enough prayer at home, there will be plenty to make up the lack of it at school.  And it doesn't stop with prayer.  You live your life to passionately glorify God, your children will be far more influenced than any prayer at school. 

Furthermore, the ACLU can't stop a group of students from praying.  How many of students gathering at a table, bow their heads and thank God for their food, whether vocally or silently.? How many students gather minutes before school starts and pray for their fellow classmates and teachers?  How many students gather before school and hold an open Bible Study inviting ANYONE to attend?  How many glorify God with their language, their actions, and their reactions during school hours?  And how many glorify God on any given "Friday night out with friends"?  How many of us parents pray with our children before school?  How many of us parents gather together on ocassion to pray for our children, their teachers, their fellow classmates and the school administration?  These are freedoms that go beyond prayer in schools that the ACLU can not take away yet we don't practice them.

So you see, we, Christians, have more power than the ACLU gives us credit. We have power they can't take away and that's how we live our life.  They might can stop a government administrator from praying but they can't stop you as an individual citizen from glorifying God with a prayer or your life no matter where you are standing...a court room, a school room, a hospital room or your office.  So Live out loud for Christ...sadly, that's a freedom we rarely see used to the fullest extent of God's law in this day and time.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pinterest Project #1

I have finally gotten around to completing a Pinterest project.  I started the project while on Fall Break and finished it this past week.  My dad put the column together for me using some wood he found in his shop and I painted the plaques.  The original project had only 1 plaque made but I decided to make multiple plaques using both sides of a piece of wood.  One plaque displays "The Bond's est. 2000" on one side and "Roll Tide" on the other.  The 2nd plaque displays "Merry Christmas" one side and will have a Thanksgiving theme on the other...I'm not quite finished with this one.  The 3rd plaque has "God Bless America" displayed on it...not sure of what I will put on the other side.   The total cost of the project:  about $5.  I am beyond thrilled with the way it turned out.  I've proudly displayed in on our front porch.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Grasshopper Club

One of the blessings of having both boys in the same classroom at school is hearing about their day and watching them continue their best friend adventures outside of home.  Their biggest adventure at school is their "Grasshopper Club".  This is a complex organized club made up of boys only with levels of 'masters' and 'training'.  Both boys are at 'master' level b/c they accomplished the initiation requirement of catching a required number of grasshoppers.  They now have the duty of continuing to catch grasshoppers and training potential members on how to catch them.  This club meets on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays only because on these days their recess takes place in the best environment for finding grasshoppers.  Tuesday and Thursdays are spent swinging.

They not only catch grasshoppers but are even praised more for efforts to catch butterflies, lizards, frogs, lucasses (locus) and moths.  They come home every day talking about a new species of insects they have discovered.  The most recent discovery is the 'butterslopper'.  This is an insect that is part butterfly and grasshopper.  While I'm most sure buttersloppers are not legit insects, it's a prize catch in the Grasshopper Club because it can fly and hop at the same time. 

Today, they were a little disappointed because they can no longer use their secret hide out. 

Me: "How was the Grasshopper Club today?"

BB: "Not so good."

Me: "Why?"

CB: "Well, Mrs. Landry said we can't use our secret hideout any more."

Me: "I'm sorry.  Why can't you?"

BB: "She can't see us."

They informed me that this coming Friday will be well spent on coming up with a new secret hideout with a little grasshopper catching.  And they hope that one of their friends will become a master as he is learning to catch grasshoppers. 

This bond between my boys reminds me to NEVER let anyone make me feel that having twins is a burden.  I pray their friendship continues beyond Grasshopper Clubs and well into their adult life where clubs become brotherhood.  Thank you, God, for the gift of these two boys and the joy they bring me every day.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Artistic Fall Break

Our pumpkin patch

our friendly ghost

sit and stay awhile
Last week, we enjoyed a 2 day fall break.  We spent the days at my parents painting and creating.  My dad cut out some fall and Halloween wooden patterns for the boys to paint.  He had also made me some wooden chairs for my front yard that I painted aqua.  Our pumpkin "patch" you see above represents our family.  The boys painted their smaller pumpkins and I painted the bigger ones.  They might not win an art contest but they win my heart.  The fact that my boys painted theirs, is reason enough proudly display them in my front yard.  BB requested a ghost so to oblige you will see his ghost displayed also.  I am also proud of my candy corn display.  I used to have a candy corn that I bought but some how lost it with our multiple moves.  Daddy so sweetly made me 3 to replace my one.

We also spent part of Tuesday fishing.  I enjoy the days we are outside and not arguing over Wii time.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Labor Day and Vacay Picture Update

Labor Day was fun spent with some good friends The Dennis' on the Rez.  They took us out on their boat and their boys along with ours had fun tubing. 

Our annual beach vacay was, again, in Orange Beach.  This vacay had some bittersweet moments.  I was slapped in the face with boys can no longer wear Carters' clothes.  It just doesn't seem like that time should have come so soon.  But OshKosh came to the rescue of my emotional breakdown.  Another moment came when they both wanted to walk down to the beach by themselves without JB and me close by.  We 'let them go' with the realization that they are growing up.  But watching them walk from the height of the balcony reminded me they are still so little when compared to the ocean.  Their adrenaline rush of independence was as real to them as my emotional meltdown of letting go.  Bittersweet: so blessed to have 2 healthy boys who are growing to be independent but not the easiest watching it happen right before my eyes.  So, as time continues to march on without my permission, I'll treasure the pictures that will one day remind me just how 'little' they were. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Rich vs Wealthy

I recently had someone ask me where I live.  When I told her what neighborhood, she replied, "Oh, you rich, huh.  You live in that 'richy-rich' neighborhood."

I think she was more caught off guard to my response than I was to hers.

"Yes, I'm rich.  But don't be misunderstood as to why.  I am rich...not because of the house I live in, the cars I drive, the clothes I wear, or the neighborhood I live in.  Not because of any success my husband and I may have had financially or in any career.  Oh, yes, mam, I am very rich.  I am rich from the love my children give me everyday.  I am rich from the love my husband has for me, our children and Christ.  I am rich from the love I grew up in that was given and still given by my parents, my sister and my extended family.  I am rich with friends who love and accept me regardless of my 'wealth' or lack thereof. But what makes me the 'most rich''s the grace and mercy Christ gives me everyday...the gift of salvation he gave when nailed to the cross. Yes, I am rich."

As for wealth, I'm 'poor' when compared to some and I'm wealthy when compared to others.  But I am not so poor that I can't use what he has given me, even now, for His Glory.  And if I ever get to a status in life that I become selfishly wealthy, Father God, please take it away from me.  Because it's at that point I no longer recognize what He has allowed me to have.  I no longer recognize the financial success as His blessings.  But, God, if at some point in life you allow me to be 'wealthy' by our cultural measure, please remind me in that wealth it's not to be used for selfish or material gain but instead to be used for Your Glory.  It's a blessing that you have entrusted to me to be used for your Glory and not mine.  Remind me that it's not because of anything I've done on my own but because of what you equipped me to do and in so doing, you blessed me. 

Even now, I should glorify Him with what he has given me and not wait on the 'wealth' to come.  

Yes, I am rich.  I am rich indeed.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Oh, Yes, They Call Him the Streak...

BB streaking to the shower: "Momma, I'm sorry, but I just can't spend my life naked."

And that sums up his little world for the moment.