Smile for the Joy of Others

Smile for the Joy of Others

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Yes, We are Alive and Well!

I've had several of you ask if I was ok, noticing that I haven't blogged as much. And yes, we are ok just busy. My monogramming is taking alot of my time as I am fulfilling orders. Great problem to have!

We have just been busy the past month with activities and life that has taken time away from the blog. Earlier this month, JB's grandfather passed away, then JB was gone for a few nights and last week he didn't get home til about 8:30 every night with the exception of Friday. And on Friday, we had a Sunday School party so we didn't get home til late.

The boys are continuing to grow and amaze me with their cognitive skills. Both are pretty much potty-trained. BB is probably 99% while CB is probably 95%. You still have to remind CB to go and he has had few accidents which is to be expected. Overall, I am very proud of their progress considering they are boys and twins.

Their 3rd birthday is quickly arriving and making plans for their party will soon consume my time.

JB has a few speaking engagements coming up that he will be away for.

So this is pretty much what is going on. I have few things that I will eventually getting around to blogging about but until then...


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Enter at you own Risk!

To those of you may drop by my house to pick up orders, just say hi, or for whatever reason....Enter at your own Risk!!!

Today, I had a customer stop by this morning to pick up an order. I didn't know she was coming (which is ok) so I was totally unprepared along with my house. Regardless, these days there's not much preparing I can do with 2 toddlers and a dog. When she came in, Gizzie yelped as usual, the den was littered with toys that boys had already dragged out, BB had no underwear on as he had just "pottied" and gladly pronounced to our visitor, CB was wearing only underwear with his new "packpack" and I was in a cap wearing "work-out" clothes. The kitchen was chaotic with unpacked grocery bags.

At first I was embarrassed but quickly got over it accepting that this is just the way my life is right now. I have 3 choices...(1) I can stress out trying to keep my house constantly picked up and spotless (2) I can stress out about the order my house is currently in (clean but cluttered with toys) or (3) I can accept the way life is right now and go with the flow.

I try to live by #3. I have learned that being Martha Stewart only makes my life more stressful and me more moody. That, in turn, affects the rest of my family.

When I accept the way things are right now, my boys actually enjoy playing and don't have to endure a "stressed out" mom. And we all know when mom is stressed out...the whole family is tense thus creating an atmosphere of instability and uncertainty...which is the last thing I want my children to remember as their childhood.

Until next time, HB

Monday, June 16, 2008

How do I know them?

If some of you haven't noticed, I have added several links of friends that have blogs also. I thought it would be neat to share how I know them. I invite you to view their blogs as they, too, have lives to share.

The Pace Family Adventures...CDP was the former Assistant Pastor at our church. They have since moved as he now pastors a church. We miss them but enjoy keeping up them through their blog.

Cox's Comments I have know AWC since high school and have been fellow church members since then.

The Storm Front They were our Sunday School teachers when JB & I were newly weds. They took a sabbatical and missed us so much they had to come back. They are still our faithful Sunday School teachers even today.

Our Family I have known MAS since high school. We were best friends throughout college and remain close friends and we share the adventures of rearing twin boys. We too are fellow church members and have been since high school.

Garrett's Corner I have known Tiffany since high school. Actually she and my sister graduated together. She also was a fellow youth member at our church. Although she is no longer a member of our church, she dearly serves at another not too far.

McArdle Family Michelle and I went to college together although we didn't really know each other while there. JB and I became friends with them through Sunday School. They have since moved to Alabama but glad they have started a blog to make it easier watching their precious family grow up. Oh, Clay was a fellow Bama fan that JB enjoyed having in MS.

Lauren's Blog I have known Lauren since college. We also had mutual friends and she too was a fellow church member.

Leah and JP This has so many different connections. Leah's mom was my 6th grade teacher. They joined our church were Mark and I were fellow youth members with Leah not far behind. Also, Leah's parents and my parents were Sunday School member together. Although, they are members of another church, we still see them around town.

The Barnette Family Well this one goes way back. I have known Tommy since toddler-hood. Our parents were friends and members of the same church waaaay-baaaack. Tommy and I even stayed at the same child-care home for awhile. JB and I met Tommy and Suzanne a few years back through Crown Financial Ministries small group. I guess we just kinda bumped into each other through blogs.

The Caraway's I met Jeanelle through my monogramming business. She has ordered a few things from me and we have just kinda become friends through "business". She is a most talented photographer.

The Foster's I met Shana at the Gingerbread House and have become "business" friends

Miley Minutes Carrie emailed me with an order and some personal monogramming. We shared that we each had a blog and when I pulled hers up, I saw that she was married to Matt. Matt and I knew each other in college. I dated one of his roommates and we had mutual friends.

The White Family Report Tony and Meredith were members of our church and Sunday School for a short time before he took a job at as an Offensive Coordinator at a college in Kentucky.

The Cagle's Elaine and I were social work majors in college. For about 2 years, we had every class together. She and I became friends through these classes and the experiences it brought us. We were also suite mates for one year and interned as social workers together at The BCV. We also were brides maids in each other's wedding. She and Alan have since moved to TN were Alan is on staff at their church.

Meurrier Family Michael and JB played football together in college both were involved in FCA. Michael was a groomsmen in our wedding as Jeremy was in his. I came to know Meredith through JB and Michael.

The Calvert's Matt and JB played football together in college. Matt and Mandi are fellow church members, although in different Sunday School classes.

The Hosford Clan I have known Leslie since high school. She was a year between my sister and me. We also have mutual friends.

There you have it. I will try to do the same as I add blogging friends in the future.

Until next time, HB

Monday, June 9, 2008

We Survived VBS!

It's been a week since I've posted and what a busy week it has been. As most of you have read, last week was VBS at our church. Overall the boys did great and didn't even cry on Friday. Imagine that, the last day they were used to it enough not to cry for Mommy.

Thursday was the traditional family night when the children perform for their parents and invited guests what they have learned from the week. We were blessed with a large crowd. After the performance, every one was invited to partake in hot dogs, cotton candy, popcorn and ice cream...just what every child needs before going bed. Families also enjoyed several games, hula hooping, musical beach towel chairs, fishing, and space jumps.
The boys did great on "stage". They were a little shy at first but by the last song they performed a little. It was their first "program" to participate, so considering, I was pleased. (Much better than in front of the camera at the Shake, Rattle and Roll car show). You will notice cousin Abbey in some of the pics below. Aunt Fiffy, Alex and Abbey came to watch the boys and Abbey felt the need to perform with the boys despite the fact that she none of the songs or motions. But that doesn't matter, she did what she does best...look cute and smile.
As a Christian parent, I pray they will keep the same enthusiasm for learning about Jesus throughout their life. It is such happy moments to see CB & BB along with their friends enjoy learning about Jesus and his love with excitement and anticipation. If only we as adults could remember the simplicity of His love when we experience our "adult" circumstances in life.
The boys had wonderful teachers, Ms Leslie, Ms Angie, and Ms Allison. Ms Leslie was so sensitive to each child's needs and personalities. She definitely blessed each of their little hearts with her patience and love.
Until next time, HB

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Day 2 of VBS...

Another day has come and gone of VBS. It was with much event. About 10:30 someone came to get me because they couldn't get BB to calm down after crying for about 1 hour. I must tell you, my friends over the preschool age, MAS, Stacy, and Ms Leslie (their teacher) are awesome people. They care so much for our little ones that I have full confidence and trust in their care of my boys. So I know they did all they could to get him to calm down.

I ended up having to take him to the choir with me while CB wanted to stay and play. He sat very quietly and still as I instructed him while I continued to help with pre-school music. He participated when his class arrived and decided to go back with them. However, CB cried when leaving the choir room not wanting to return to his class. They were both all smiles when I picked them up a few minutes later.

After VBS, we ventured to the Post Office to mail a monogram order and then to the vet to buy Gizzie some of prescription food. Yes, she has to eat prescription food to prevent bladder stones.

Once we got home, we ate lunch and the boys took a nap. BB woke up early with a "bad dream", while I had to wake CB up.

Until next time, 2 days down and 3 to go, HB

Monday, June 2, 2008

Survived the 1st day of VBS!

Well, we survived the 1st day of VBS. And when I say survive, I really mean survive. The 1st day is typically "survival of the fittest" due to the chaos, crying children when their moms/dads leave them, crying teachers when they learn they have more children than expected, and all the other unexpected and overwhelming circumstances that happen on the 1st day.

The boys didn't cry when I dropped them off but, instead, they broke down every time they saw me and couldn't stay with me. On a positive note, they wore underwear today and stayed dry!!! Thanks impart to their great teachers who made it a priority to take them to the bathroom on a regular basis, thanks Ms Leslie and Ms Angie.

As I mentioned in the previous post, I am helping with pre-school music. I really enjoyed helping teach the little ones the songs and motions, regardless of the repetition of doing it over and over and over and over and over again. Now these songs haunt me during any quiet moment. Anyway, the boys came in the choir room with their group and it was such a blessing to watch them. Each participated in just the way I expected. CB was ready to move and sing. He was enthralled in the motions and songs while BB just stood their too shy and self conscious to even try. However, he did make his way to the top of the choir steps and grooved a little...that was until I looked at him. They left the choir room headed back their room. I love their age of children....still so innocent.

When leaving, some children were loading up to head back to their daycare. CB thought he was to get on the bus and became quite distraught when he realized that he was not gonna be riding. He cried all the way home saying "I wanna ride da bus". I told myself...all too soon enough, sweetheart.

Until next time, 1 day down and 4 to go, HB

Sunday, June 1, 2008


This week is our VBS at church. I have volunteered to help with pre-school music this year, unlike the past the 2 years. So no sleeping in and lounging around the house for us this week. We will be up early and at the church by 8:00 am with smiles of anticipation.
Yeah, right...more like dragging in barely making it in time for the 1st round of rotation with wet hair and make-up slapped on and the boys half dressed because I couldn't find the other sock, the other shoe, the pair of shorts or the other shirt. Their bag will be half packed with spare clothes but no spare underwear. The boys will be screaming when I leave them in their room and I'll be ill from the morning rush.
This year's theme is Outrigger Island. Too bad we couldn't load all 700 expected children and fly off to an actual island. Now that would be a fun way to "suffer for Jesus".
Regardless of the hard work and extra effort parents have to put forth, it will be worth it to see the children enjoy learning about God's love.
Until next time, HB