Smile for the Joy of Others

Smile for the Joy of Others

Friday, October 31, 2008

Job Opportunity

At Miskelly Furniture, we are in need of some experienced retail sales people to join the team. We offer a fun and rewarding sales opportunity in a Christian atmosphere.

This opportunity is a full-time position with a four day work week. That’s right, a four day work week.

If you know of anybody who may be interested in coming on board, please have them send an email or give me a call at the number listed below. Furniture experience is a plus but not a requirement.

We have sales positions available at Miskelly Furniture, the Miskelly Roomstore and the new Ashley Furniture Homestore in Madison.

If interested please send email to

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Going Postal

Going Postal: Going postal is an American English slang term, used as a verb meaning to suddenly become extremely and uncontrollably angry, possibly to the point of violence.

If you have 20 envelopes to mail....DO NOT USE THE AUTOMATED POSTAL MACHINE!!!

Yesterday I had to run to the Post Office to mail a monogram order. After standing behind this women for about 5 minutes, she turns to me and says..."This machine is messing up. It worked fine with the first 10, but trying to do the past 5, it keeps messing up and I've got 5 more to do."

I was so close to just screaming..."you don't use the APM for 20 envelopes!!!!" "That's what the counter behind those double doors are for". The can weigh 1 envelope and print 20 stamps, instead of having to weigh and pay for each of your 20 envelopes. You are interfering with my day and the rest of us standing in line.

The APM is supposed to be for those with a couple of items that need mailing and do not require any complicated mailing issues. I had 1 package.

I ended up having to use the counter where I seemed to have gotten the most unpleasant help who was ready to go to lunch. Needless to say, I got my package mailed and was on my way.

The APM hog was still trying to get the machine to work and was asking for some assistance from postal employees.

Until next time, HB

Monday, October 27, 2008

From Mom to Referee

I think my boys are training for the WWF these days. If so, I'll be the most experienced referee for the business. These days I feel more like a referee than a mom.

I had the intentions of cleaning my house this morning as it has gone to a pig sty since I was sick last week. However, the boys had other plans like hitting, pushing, kicking, yelling and driving me into a state of my own need to be refereed.

This morning I woke up to CB crying because BB hit him when he tried to turn the light on. Apparently BB didn't want to wake up and turning the light on just wasn't an option. After dealing with that, we 3 meandered into the den and kitchen for the routine strawberry milk.

After many attempts to sweep and mop my kitchen, I finally gave up due to spending most of my time in the den in the middle of live wrestling matches. They fought over trucks, bulldozers, tv shows, who sits in what chair, and anything else they could claim to be their own.

You see, I can't send them to their room because they share a room. If you recall, there had already been a smack down earlier in the morning. I tried to send one to my room and one to their room. That became a battle as each wanted to go to my room. They each ended up in a chair in the den. I dared them to get out of the chair. After about 45 minutes, I finally got my kitchen cleaned with no interruptions while they sat in the chairs.

We later went to Wal-Mart where the wrestling continued in the buggy. As I was sternly and firmly telling them not look at each other, not to touch each other, not to talk to each mother's prim and proper cousin walks by only to immediately turn around and in her true southernbelle accent and mannerisms "Holly is that you? I haven't seen you in so long and the last time I saw the boys they were in car seats." "How's your mamma and them?" "This one looks just like Uncle Bonnie (referring to CB who looks like my grandfather, my mom's father) "Y'all have got a wedding coming up don't ya'?" "I wish I could go but it's just so far but I just love weddings especially when I get to visit with the whole family. You know, I just love visiting with family".

You have to understand my mom's cousin to appreciate how untimely this was. She is from the Old South where you dress up even to go to the grocery store down the road...her family owns cotton farms in the delta. And here I was in a t-shirt, blue jeans, flip flops, no make-up, hair in a pony-tail...trying to keep my temper in check in the middle of Wal-Mart. (Aunt Myra and Daddy, you know who I am talking about and you can appreciate this moment..MLN).

My saving grace yet another gasping moment for my southernbelle cousin was when CB announced that he had to doo-dooed. We were able to get away and off the bathroom we went.

As I was trying to get the boys out of Wal-Mart and they both determined to get on some ride, get some cheap thrill from a vending machine we run into that cousin again. Only this time I was firmly reiterating to CB that we were not getting a tatoon (his word for tatoo).

She gracefully walks over and says..."I know bringing twins to Wal-Mart has got to be hard". "You know were like triplets"

"Yes, mam, it is, give every one a hug for me".

By the time we got home, it was time for lunch and then a well needed nap. The wrestling matches weren't as often this afternoon.

Until next time, HB

Super Scribbler Award

Well there aren't many things in my life that I have won. I remember a few in elementary...3rd place for the "Idiom" award and 2nd place for naming our new school newspaper. As for the idiom award in 5th grade, we had to draw a representation of an idiom. I drew an interpretation of "hold your tongue". Fellow students had to vote and I won 3rd place.

I digress. Back to point of this post. The author of The Storm Front and close friend, chose me as a winner of the Super Scribbler Award. This award does seem most appropriate for me in that I feel like just "scribble" with this blog, however, superior is a bit of an over-statement. As much as I enjoy blogging, I am not one that can blog on demand. In fact, I usually think about blogging ideas when I am lying in bed about midnight but just too tired to get up and blog it.

Now to keep this award going, I am to name some fellow bloggers who I think deserve the award.

The Meurrier Family I love to read her post about her sweet Myla. This little girl seems to be a dream child. She will make anyone want to have children. You can tell through Meredith's writings that Myla is truly the apple of their eye and that she is most loved. Meredith makes motherhood fun.

The Bounds Family Rileigh, better know as Rireigh to CB is his girlfriend. And after being around her last week at the Pumpkin Patch, I can see why. She has the sweetest disposition. I wish I had Christy's patience with children.

The McArdle Family Michelle writes with such eloquence and honesty. I love reading the thoughts and emotions she puts into words. She is a great mom and makes it look like the easiest job in the world.

Until next time, Hope you all enjoy your award, HB

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

All 4 Liv Stationary ....Give Away

Who doesn't like winning something for FREE! All 4 Liv Stationary is having give away. Click on her site and just follow the directions. She has some cute, fun items especially for the upcoming holiday seasons.
Good Luck, HB

Monday, October 20, 2008

Fungus Among Us

For the past week and half, I have felt like the "Fungus Among Us".

Last Friday, I finally broke down and called my mom, who is the X-Ray Tech for our family doctor. I was begging to be seen only to be told that our doctor left early due to being sick. She asked if I was feeling worse or about the same. To which I replied through tears, "I just feel like I am full of infection".

Lower back pains, headaches that even Aleve and prescription strength decongestants wouldn't touch, dizziness, nausea, light-headed, and emotional.

Well, I did go see my doctor this morning and I was right. I am just full of infection. Terrible ear infection in my right ear, terrible sinus infection, UTI, and a yeast infection. Which explains all the symptoms listed above. I've also had an infected gland under my arm that finally came to "a head" Sunday night. I won't go into details about this one, even I get nauseous thinking about that thing draining. To give you and idea of the size, it took up the biggest part under my arm. Extremely painful to move my arm as it would send pain even down to my thumb. Made for about a week of sleepless nights as I would roll over on that arm and wake with acute pain. But it finally feels better after draining.

My urine test showed blood and sugar. The blood is probably due to infection and the sugar is somewhat unexplained at this time. He is hoping is just due to all the infections. He did a blood sugar test which cam back normal to follow up more on the sugar. I'll go back in 2 weeks for another urine test to see if it has cleared up.

1 shot and 3 meds later, I should be feeling better in the next few days. My 3 boys are also battling scratchy throats, runny noses and a mild hacking coughs.

I blame most of our sinus/cold troubles on this weather. I can hate this weather as much as I love it. Cold at night and hot during the day.

Until next time, I think I may start living in a bubble, HB

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Spa-ing and Shopping

Last weekend, I went on our annual all girls, spa trip. This was our 3rd time to go and I must say that each year it just gets better and better. I'm always so stressed about it up til time to go but quickly become relaxed and comfortable once I get together with all the girls.

We left Friday at noon and didn't return til Sunday about 6:30. We enjoyed relaxing in the Jacuzzi on Friday night after the day of traveling down and then enjoyed our spa treatments Saturday morning.

After lunch, we headed to the outlet mall where we shopped til we dropped, literally. We returned to the condo and watched P.S. I Love You. Sunday, we again returned the mall for a few more hours of shopping before heading home.

I can't begin to explain the relationship we all have. We have all known each other for years. We get along like sisters even with our friend Tracy not living here anymore. We may not see each other every Sunday or for weeks but we can just pick up where we left off from our last visit. This time we have together is truly special and creates memories that excites for the next trip.

On our way to the Beach....

On our way home....we were packed out. It started raining on the way home and since some of our luggage was on a back rack, we had to pile it inside, which was already full of our shopping loot. I now know what it feels like to be a turtle or a snail all folded up in a shell. Leah and I were folded up on the back seat. Although, no one had any leg room but Tracy and that was only b/c she was driving.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

It's a Dog's Life

Gizmo, Murphy, and Stuffins.

Praying you all have a great week!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Our Newest Ride

It was bound to happen. We knew it would but hoped it would have at least lasted through the summer season. And we especially hoped it wouldn't have happened the day before we left for vacation. But it did. So we had to make a rather quick decision when we got back home as to just what to do. Should we buy another just like the one that had just blown up or should we move up in the world to a nicer ride. Well, JB decided to move up in the world. He is now the proud owner of this....

Just look at those new wheels. Our push mower blew up, literally the day before we left for vacation. We had to ask the neighbors to borrow their lawn mower just to finish the backyard.

JB, went and purchased his new ride the day after we got back. This beauty even has head lights. He's only used it twice since he purchased it while he's been having to mow once a week with the push mower. Oh well, he'll get to ride his new wheels much more come next spring and summer.

Until next time, HB