Smile for the Joy of Others

Smile for the Joy of Others

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Whore d'oeuvres, Anyone?

"Momma, what are whores?"

Me fumbling for the answer: "Umm, well. You remember how we've talked about sex and the Bible and how some people use sex for things or money... Wait, why are you asking me this question? Where did you get that word?"

"It's in our math book. This word problem says she made 81 whores?"

Looking at the problem: "Baby, that word is hors d'oeuvres."


Tuesday, February 24, 2015



This past Sunday, our preacher called me out for my sins. Yes, he read my sins straight out of the Bible. While he didn't look straight at me when listing them, I still knew he was talking to me. And I thank him for that. You see, I need to be reminded of my sins. Yes, I can get so comfortable in my daily life that I don't even recognize them. And when I fail to recognize them, I fail to remember why Christ died on the cross. He didn't die to be forgotten, He died to be remembered for the Grace, the Mercy and the Forgiveness we all need though so underserved.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Boys vs Girls

I had the rare opportunity to make sure a little girl was dressed and ready for church this morning. My niece spent the night with us and her family came to see my boys baptized this morning. As I was fixing her hair, Brother B walked in to observe. To know Brother B is to know he will not be out done in anything in life, especially by girls.

"Momma, it doesn't take girls as long to get dressed as it does boys. It's easier for them."

"Brother B, actually it can take longer for girls. There's the make up, drying our hair, and then fixing our hair like rolling it or straightening it. And then after that we have to pick out our clothes. It's not just khakis and a shirt for us."

In protest of the every Sunday morning, frustrating process we go through bc of a wardrobe malfunction: "well, y'all don't have button up shirts."

The struggle is real when you miss that one button and it requires multiple do overs.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Hen House

I want one of these.  With chickens.  On some land.  In the middle of nowhere.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Educational Lobbyist

Friends, if you want to know who one of Mississippi's educational lobbyists are, here is one of them. They are highly influential in keeping CC in MS and strongly push liberal approaches to sex ed in the schools. I urge you to research this group. You may find them to be the your enemy or your friend, however you deem them, you need to know who helps influence your child's mind during the school day.

Mississippi First

Friday, February 13, 2015

No Worries = Impromptu

As a homeschooling family, we do not have to worry about nightly homework nor do we have to worry about an early rise in the morning.  So when you don't have those kinds of worries, you can enjoy impromptu evening trips.  And that's what we did last night.  We took the 45 minute trip to our college alma mater to watch a basketball game. 

You see, it's family time like this that makes homeschooling a lifestyle and not just a duty.  Memories made of doing things as a family, not just on the weekends, is just one of many blessing to being a homeschooling family.  It cost us all of $12 for a night of fun as a family with no worries or limitations brought on by traditional schooling. 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Outdoor Classroom

When the temp is just right, we try to have school outside.  Monday we schooled at one of our neighborhood's clubhouses that has a deck by the lake.  Just another perk to homeschooling. 

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Old Fashioned

Well, I guess given that I am not a part of the Fifty Shades of Grey fan club, I am, in deed, Old Fashioned.  And if that's what it takes to be labeled Old Fashioned, then I'll wear that label proudly. 

I'm not going into a long post about the Fifty Shades and what I think about it.  I am Christian, that is enough reason for me not to even want to see no matter how Old Fashioned that makes me.  Though, I will express this, I'm not surprised at the moral boundaries this movie and book crosses.  I expect that from Hollywood and from someone who has no Christian conviction to write or produce such explicit material.  What does shock me and saddens me even more so, is the women and men who call themselves Christian and can justify why they watch or read this without any guilt or moral judgment. 

As a counter to Fifty Shades there is another movie opening the same day, Valentine Weekend.  It's called Old Fashioned.  It's a chivalrous, old fashioned approach to courting.  And if the truth be known, this is really what people are looking for in relationships.   The website for Old Fashioned is below as "Old Fashioned".  Just click on it and it should take you there. 

Old Fashioned

Monday, February 9, 2015


My back turned to my boys while I'm writing on the dry erase board.

BB: "Man, this smells good. Here, Brother, you smell it."

CB sniffs: "It doesn't smell that good to me."

BB sniffs again: "Ahh, that smells so good!"

I turn around to see him sniffing a Expo dry erase marker.

Folks, no need to worry about my homeschool kids not being exposed.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Steno Pad vs Ipad

Looking at my stack of Steno Pads I bought from Sams:

"Momma, what's a Steno Pad?"

Me: "It's just a sort of a notebook you use to write in."

"Do you make lists in it? I mean, what do you write in it?"

It's obvious I'm from the Steno pad age and not the Ipad age. I remember having to use these to record our nightly homework assignments from class.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Homeschoolers in Public School Activities???

If you keep up with the bills that are being presented to the Legislature this season in our state, then you should be aware of the 'Tebow Bill'.  And if you are in anyway familiar with Tim Tebow then you should know that he is one of college football's greatest quarterbacks.  But did you know that he was homeschooled and played public school football for the local school?  Hence, the reason the bill is commonly nicknamed the "Tebow Bill".  Many States have passed this bill.  I do not know all the details of the bill and how it effects homeschoolers.  But I do know my concerns. 

This issue has been posed on Facebook many times.  And the comments people make about homeschoolers is, honestly, disturbing.  To think that people are that insensitive to children, is extremely heart breaking.  If one must criticize, criticize the parents, not the children. 

My thoughts below on the "Tebow Bill"

Firstly, it's really sad to see the stereotyping of children. Caring parents make the best choices in order to provide what is best for their child. For some, that means homeschooling. And the reasons families homeschool are many that ultimately lead to what is best for their child. Parental decisions to homeschool based on what is best for their child is no less than other parental decisions to allow the public school to educate their child. One decision doesn't trump the other, they are both made by concerned parents, or at least should be.

Homeschoolers are divided on this issue. Whether a homeschooler chooses to participate if allowed, will depend on their reasons for homeschooling. If the government says that in order for homeschoolers to participate they must be educated using government approved curriculum, then many will not participate in public school activities. They do not want the government dictating how or what their children learn. Children can be taught all subjects without government approved or issued curriculum. If homeschoolers can teach with the curriculum of their choice and still have their child pass the state approved testing that measures academic standards that would allow homeschoolers to participate, then the homeschooler has obviously been educated enough to meet the standard just as his/her public school peer.

As a homeschooling family, I wouldn't expect my child to be treated with exception in regards to being on a public school team. I would expect my child to have to meet the academic standards (though achieved differently than public school), the medical standards and the athletic ability (when applicable). He/she must continue meet all the standards to maintain their spot. Attending class all day at your local public school doesn't guarantee a spot on the team, either. Each athlete has to meet the standards that are required. And sitting in class is not a standard.

Furthermore, if the Tebow Bill is going to cause more government intrusion for all homeschooling families, I do not advocate for it.  While I do not care if the homeschool child across the state chooses to participate in public school activity, I do not want to be regulated by the same standards when I choose not to participate. If these standards only apply when choosing to participate, then I have no problem with the Bill.