Smile for the Joy of Others

Smile for the Joy of Others

Friday, January 29, 2010

The Family Bond Kitchen

Since I come from a long line of cooks, a kitchen is somewhat important to me. Now, I don't like to cook as much as my mother and her mother and her mother's mother but I do enjoy it on occasion. And all that like to cook know that a kitchen can either add to this enjoyment or take away from it. I certainly don't need nor want a gourmet chef's kitchen decked out with newest gadgets and top of the line appliances. But I do want a kitchen that is warm and welcoming. For me, it just helps make a house a home.

This house was built 60 years ago. And I as I didn't want a retro, antique looking kitchen, I still wanted a kitchen that represented the warmth and welcomeness a house of that time may have had.
As you may have read in a previous post, I was debating on the bottom cabinets to be black with the top cabinets more of a creamy white. JB eventually let me have my way. (Sounds selfish on my part, doesn't it). He really didn't care...just had a hard time visualizing the final outcome. My dad warned me about black having been a painter for many years, he didn't want me to do it. But the sweet, willing dad he is...he granted my wishes of having black cabinets.

And I LOVE them!!! I have no regrets on any of the decisions I made regarding the kitchen. This is a huge step for me as I generally find myself indecisive when it comes to home decor and relying only on the opinion of others. I had more tell me NOT to do it than I did in support of.

Although, it doesn't represent a kitchen built 60 years ago...I think it works well for this house. And if the time ever comes...will be a great selling asset for this older house and neighborhood.

I regret I don't have before pics. I just didn't think about it and my camera was packed up when we started. There are still a few ideas I need to fulfill for this kitchen. I haven't decided yet what kind of knobs to put on the doors and drawers. I'll be getting to that soon. I want new ovens. There are double ovens so I am having to wait a little while to purchase 2 ovens. I would also like to redo the floor..but this will have to wait awhile, also, if it actually gets done. But other than those 2 items...everything else suits my satisfaction for the time being.
Because it's a galley kitchen it's hard to get a view of the whole room. Our eating area is actually right outside the kitchen door so it's separate from the actual kitchen.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Scenes from the Delta

This sign is off the road between Wayside and Avon. I would love for someone who uses block ice to leave a comment on what you use it for. I'm at a loss as to why it still sales. Dad says that fisherman use it to keep their catch "iced down" but can't you just buy bagged ice for that?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

At Least It Works!

Well, we found out that our security alarm works...the loud way. Last night, JB set the alarm off at 11:00 pm.

A few seconds later, the security company called to get our password. I didn't hear the conversation as I was in another part of the house trying to calm my nerves while playing my Wii Active. (I know, late to be playing the Wii but that was the only time I had to do it yesterday)

He came to where I was and told me that he had spoken with the security company and it had been taken care of. A few seconds later, my cell phone was ringing. Again, shot my nerves...who would be calling my cell phone this time of night. (your imagination runs wild when unexpected phone calls come that time of night)

JB answered it as I was gasping for breath...both due to my work out and my shot nerves.

JB on the phone: "I just got a call from you on our home phone and gave the password. Oh. (with a surprised, concern look) Well, I think the password is either ****** or *******. "

I knew the password but didn't get the chance to tell the company as they had already hung up. I was like, "Ummmmm, Sweetie, they aren't gonna have an in depth discussion with you on the phone concerning the password and giving multiple chances to get it right. That would defeat the purpose of having a password".

A few minutes later we also found out the police do come when you don't give the right password. We had a brief encounter with the G'ville Police Department.

By this time..I didn't need the workout to increase my heart rate...this episode did more than enough for me.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Haiti Relief

I have some friends that will soon be missionaries in the Dominican Republic. They are currently in Costa Rica for language school. He sent out an email today regarding Haiti and how one can contribute to the relief effort being done through their mission opportunities.

I am passing this alone for anyone that might be interested. With so many organizations asking for helps to know a reputable source recommend an one of those organizations. This is their personal blog about their mission work. You will find a post and instructions on how to give through the organization they are working with.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Just like Old Times...

Well, maybe not so old...but it feels like a long time ago to me. Since this coming Monday is MLK Day and the boys are out of school, we are taking advantage with a trip back home and enjoying the days of "Just like Old Times".

Our "just like old times", started last night enjoying a birthday party for a sweet, dear friend.

Just like old times, we got our haircut by our favorite beautician who also happens to be a family member at Wild About Hair in Brandon.

Just like old times, we shopped for fabric at Hobby Lobby and Continental Sewing.

Just like old times we went the local candy store to buy some of our favorite, sweet candy treats...gummy bears, gummy worms, gummy dinosaurs, and a big lollipop.

Just like old times, we visited MeMe at her work.

Although running around town with 4 year old twin boys can be challenging, frustrating and chaotic at times...I sure do miss the "Just like old Time" days of doing this back home. These kind of days were typical when living in Madison partly because of the shopping opportunities this area offers.

There just aren't these kind of adventures in G'ville nor the Delta for that matter. Although it's not the same kind of daily errands, God is showing me other adventures up there to enjoy with my boys tagging alone. There is a bakery in Leland, Connie's Kitchen, that I take the boys to pick out their favorite, sweet treat. Although it's not candy...cookies are just as good in the mouths of a child...and this Mamma, too. And as I mentioned in a previous post...we still enjoy Shipleys Do-nuts when we have the opportunity.

All too soon, the adventures in the Delta will one day be the "Just like Old Times". And when that time comes, I'm sure I'll be wishing those days were back, too.

Until next time...the song "You're Gonna Miss This" proves to be true for days like this,

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Snow vs Fuzz

Me: "CB, look it's snowing outside!"

CB: "I don't think so, Momma. I think it's just a lot of fuzz."

silence for a few seconds...

CB: "Yep, that's just a lot of fuzz, Momma."

Friday, January 8, 2010

Thursday, January 7, 2010

You Move It...You Loose It!

JB just thought his new recliner was his....

Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year, New Home, New Decor, NewModeling...

As you all have probably read, we found a house here in G'ville after looking for about 6 months. We closed on Dec. 11th and started remodeling the same day.

I know...CRAZY! Why didn't we wait until after the holidays? Well, we have a habit of planning but never actually doing. There were remodeling projects that I wanted to do at our previous house in Madison...they were well planned but we never followed through. The money we had saved for the "best laid plans" always seemed to used for something other than our remodeling ideas.

So, to avoid the same procrastination, we decided to go ahead and JUST DO IT. (Nike would be proud). Seriously, if we didn't go ahead...and waited on January or a later date we probably would have spent the money on something else or just wouldn't feel like doing it. Plus, once you've started something and you demolition to the point of not having a usable kitchen...makes for a great incentive to finish.

Of course, as usual, when you start the "what seems to be a simple project" you run into complications and unplanned discoveries and those always make for set-backs. However, honestly, we haven't had any major set backs, just some minor ones dealing with the kitchen cabinet doors.

The kitchen is our biggest remodeling project. The previous kitchen had been remodeled to the previous owner's liking which did not match mine. Her taste was modern/contemporary whereas mine is more traditional with some modern accents. The countertops were black granite tiles. I know, I'm crazy for ripping out granite tiles. However, it wasn't pure black instead it had specks of silver that shined like metal accents. This made the kitchen feel more industrial. I am replacing it with ceramic tiles. The color is Imperial Slate Rust. The colors include red, brown, and black. I am hoping this will give the kitchen a more traditional, warm and welcoming feel while keeping it "sellable" if and when the time ever comes. We also had to turn some pull-out shelves into stationary shelves to accomadate for the new doors.

The cabinets were stark white with plywood doors. Again adding to a more modern, industrial feel. Instead of ripping out all the cabinets, we are just having new cabinet doors custom made. I am replacing the previous with raised panel doors with intentions to give it a more traditional feel.

As for cabinet colors...the verdict is still out. I want the top cabinets to be an off-white, creamy, ivory color and the bottom cabinets to be a low-luster black. I would LOVE and APPRECIATE any opinions to this option of color choice. JB is not too keen on the idea of black cabinets but I think it would add some modern touches yet keep it traditional.

I am NOT a decorator and I am certainly not an interior designer; therefor, I am doing this based on my own ideas. So, I could use any advise on color choices for the cabinets and walls.

The floors are definitely not gonna match the countertops. But they will have to wait to be replaced at a later time. They are ceramic and I just don't feel like tearing those up right now. Plus the money will eventually run out.

There is a sunken bonus room down from the living room. We added French Doors to close it off from the living area. The bonus room will be used as JB's office, a guest room, the "Wii Woom" and also a sitting room with company if need be. We already have his desk in place, a double bed, a TV hooked up to the satellite with the Wii and its accessories. I have plans to repaint a couch and have new cushions made to match the bedding.

The master bathroom is rather small indicative of the era this house was built. There was a pedestal sink which didn't allow for any countertop space. And you know a girl needs space when it comes to getting ready. So we bought a simple cabinet with a countertop at Lowe's. I am so proud of JB...he installed it himself...the plumbing and cabinet. The pic below is similar to what we installed but not the exact one (just to give you an idea)We have repainted the master bedroom, the living room, the hallway and the bonus room. The master bedroom went from mint green to a khaki green. The living room went from a creamy yellow to the same khaki green. The bonus room was previously used a media room. It went from dark navy to a gray khaki. I am not that crazy about the grayish khaki...but it's what JB liked and I couldn't find a color that looked right. The lighting in there is different that the paint samples I put on the walls would turn out so different from the way they looked in the can at the store. So I just "went with it" b/c I had already tried 10 different samples and this was the least drastic.

I am so mad at myself for not taking before pictures. My camera was actually packed while taking down the cabinet doors and painting the walls and I just didn't think to take pics of the tile before ripping it out.

I have to disclose this...NONE of this would be doable if it weren't for my dad. He has made the trip up here for 3 weeks now, going home on the weekends. He has worked endlessly trying to get this house into a home for us. There are no words and or money to express my appreciation for his willingness to do this for me. His work has been the most blessed way of showing how much he loves me.

We are currently waiting on the cabinet doors. They said today that they should be ready by the end of this week or next Monday at the latest. I ordered my tiles for the countertops today and they should be in tomorrow. We were hoping to install the doors, finish painting the doors and then lay the tile. But it's not gonna work that way. So to make the best of my dad's time up here, we are gonna start laying the countertop tomorrow.

As I mentioned in previous posts...I DO NOT recommend doing this during the holidays. All this chaos kinda made the holidays slip by without much notice. Unless, I have to do it...I will not do it this way again.

I can't wait for this house to become a home. I look forward to hosting friends, fellowships and family in our new home.