Smile for the Joy of Others

Smile for the Joy of Others

Monday, October 31, 2016

Parental Awareness

This is random, I know.

But parents, please, please, please be intentional and diligent to know what your child is being taught. Discuss with them what is said by their teachers and fellow classmates in the classroom. Goodness, at church, also, if you attend.

This isn't to incite distrust of their teachers but rather to be aware of what and how your child is being influenced. When you aren't with your child 8 hours of the day, someone else is influencing them. Make it top priority to know how they are being influenced and how it effects them now and how it will in the future.

(This is not school vs homeschool). I'm just saddened and burdened by parents who have no idea what is going on nor do they care.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Life With Boys...Size Matters

Size really does matter...

"Boys, you can each cut yourself 1 brownie"

Bigger is Better.

(Please note, I cut what was left as meager attempt of better portion control.)

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Outside of the Classroom

A few weeks ago, my dad and I took my boys to tour the LST 325.  This is a ship that was used on the banks of Normandy during WW II.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Opposites Attract, Right?

Each side of our bed (when we wake up and how we sleep) is a perfect representation of our personalities and how we handle life.

Jeremy's side of the bed (right)...Calm, neat, organized, intentional, "peaceful"

My side of the bed...not so much.

(Please excuse the ragged, old blankets. Our dogs jump on the bed so I don't keep our nicer comforters on the bed).

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Comparing as a Voting Tactic Tool

Our history lessons for the past few weeks have been on the kings of Israel starting with Saul and including David and Solomon. Saul and David were anointed King by the prophet Samuel. Solomon became king by way of being David's son. Saul and Solomon began as godly Kings but ended not. In fact, God turned Saul's heart away from Him. David started and ended a godly King.
During Solomon's reign, his Kingdom became divided...Northern Israel being 10 of the 12 and Southern Israel being 2 of the tribes (Judah and Benjamin).
After Solomon's reign, Jeroboam was anointed king by a prophet and like those before him, began as a godly king but ended not. He was the last king Israel had for centuries that began as a godly king. All the kings after him went from bad to worse.

I've seen many evangelicals reference American presidents or candidates to be King David as a way to understand that God can use sinners to complete his will, which, I partly agree. God can take the vilest of sinners and change his heart when the sinner repents. And he can further use that sinner to build his eternal kingdom. He proved this in the Bible and he still proves this today.

As we were discussing these kings and the tragic kingship they led, I couldn't help but wonder if America has already had her "King David" (not that I think we've had someone whom God has called a man after His heart). David was the only one God called "a man after his heart". David was the only one who showed true repentance after his vile sins of murder and adultery. He is the only who one began and ended his kingship a godly man.

You see, as Israel's people became less godly, God's judgment came through their kings. He basically gave them what they thought they wanted in a king until Christ. And then they even still rejected Christ.

As Christians we should know, that when we reject Christ, even as "nation" judgment still comes, and just maybe by way of our leaders, too, as God has done before.
It's something I've pondered today. It's certainly had me in prayer for the upcoming election and the future of American Christians.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Sovereignty as a Voting Tactic Tool

This election, y'all.  It has made me realize how much I've trusted elected officials in the past too much.  It's made me recognize the deceit, the chaos, the doubt, and the faithlessness that satan has used to divide evangelical Christians.  It's proving that far too many times in the past, Christians have relied on government to change America and 'encourage' American Christians when government can actually be the enemy.  American Christians, again, are relying on a particular candidate the 'save' them from an opposing politician or political party.  We've even resulted to condemning our own brothers and sisters by way in which they vote when we should be instead encouraging them to vote according to their convictions upon which are given by God through prayer. 

Evangelicals have resulted in some of the same tactics as their opposing voters.  I've seen some of the nastiest words spoken against fellow believers because they have either chosen not to vote or not to vote for one of the 2 major party candidates, all in spite of genuine conviction.  I don't like the "not voting" stance, but I must remember that stance, too, is a freedom of choice.  And no amount of ugly condemnation is going to change their minds no more than the same condemnation will change the votes of those who choose to vote a third party.  No amount of guilt shaming will change that either.  And I'd expect better behavior from fellow evangelicals. 

One guilt tactic I see is shaming those who do not vote Trump by questioning their faith in sovereignty.  "You must not trust God's sovereignty if you think Trump shouldn't be president." Sure, there are some who are placing too much faith in a political candidate to save them from Hillary and to save the greatness of America. (I mentioned this point above).  However, I want to counter that theory of sovereignty. If you are going to use sovereignty to guilt people into voting for Trump, then you must trust this same sovereignty if Hillary becomes next President. If sovereignty is going to be used to convince Christians to vote for Trump, then you have to trust sovereignty if he loses and Hillary is president. You have to trust sovereignty in response to the past 8 years of Obama.  We don't suddenly choose sovereignty as a way to convince because we prefer one candidate over another. God doesn't reign with sovereignty based on political parties. He sees a man's heart, not his political party.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Moments in the Life of Homeschooling Boys: Take 3

Some days you are just thankful he spelled all the words correctly. 

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Moments: Take 2...In the Life of Rearing Boys

"Brother B," (For the 20th time.)

Brother B: "Do, I have to change my underwear?"

Brother C in the background making vomit noises: "Brooks, yes you have to change underwear. It's like a dirty diaper in there."