Smile for the Joy of Others

Smile for the Joy of Others

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Let's Practice what we Preach

Yeah, it bothers me when yet another group has succeeded in legally getting a nativity removed from a City Hall or Library, not because someone has complained but bc this group makes it their purpose to travel the country and look for opportunities. But you know, I like to fight fire with fire. I have the ability to do something without the help of an attorney or the court system. I'm challenged by such actions from these types of groups to do what I can within my rights and ability. Why aren't those of us, me included, along with private businesses, displaying the nativity in our front yard or place of business? I understand wanting a government who can freely share our Christian convictions...but if that is so important to us as individual citizens, then it needs to start with us. 

We seem to lose all hope when some group comes in and demands that a nativity be taken down, when even we haven't one in our own yard. We decorate with lights and all kinds of displays in our front yard, but no effort to display the true reason for the season. I hope to find something this coming year to counteract what groups are doing...I hope to display my convictions within the rights I have, rights that no group can infringe.

Until then...

Monday, December 22, 2014

Few Words, Even More Emotions

There are those moments in life when the written language cannot possibly convey what the heart feels. You simply bask in the moment, knowing you will treasure it for a lifetime. Yet, the cause of such said moment is nothing of a monumental moment but rather innocent, unconditional love shown from a child to his parent in a way that only he can express.

Telling him goodnight in his room, he hands me 2 envelopes: "Momma, these are for you and daddy. Will you give Daddy his?"

Friday, December 19, 2014

The Walking Dead

No, the title of this post isn't about the TV series but rather about my last 2 weeks.  I've been absent for awhile because I've been battling flu and pneumonia.  Not only do these illnesses make you feel like you are walking dead, but the meds to treat them can make you feel even least in my case.  I hate taking meds, I seem to be a poster child for the common side effects and tend to have adverse effects from some.  For example, isn't the good cough syrup supposed to make you sleep?  Well, I don't sleep.  I tend to float. Yes, I lie there and feel like I'm floating.  The song "I believe I Can Fly" tends to take on a whole new meaning.  And isn't there rumor that "Puff the Magic Dragon" was written when the writer was high or something to that effect.  I'm fully convinced he could have very well been taking cough syrup.  The effects of that stuff can very well make you believe you have a magic dragon for a friend and that you just may live next a sea as the waves of nausea and dizziness are prominent making you feel sea sick. 

And then there's the steroids.  Oh, how I loathe this stuff.  The following list is the multiple personalities steroids turn me into:

The many multiple personalities of taking steroids:

1. I want to go all Incredible Hulk on anything or anyone who aggravates me.

2.  I want to move to the frozen tundra and then as soon as I get there I want to move to the desert due to frequent body temp changes.

3. I crave a whole buffet to myself and could return with the all you can eat option til it's void of any food....

4. The one food I crave that tastes the best of all foods in the world, suddenly tastes like dirt bc it alters my taste.

5. Things that would normally make me cry can suddenly bring about inappropriate laughing.

6. Things that would normally make me smile with joy suddenly bring me to a puddle of tears.

7. Things that would normally have no effect on my emotions at all suddenly have me laughing and crying at the same time.

8.  My heart feels as if it's been replaced with a hummingbird who just drank a Red Bull.

9. If my emotions had a face, it would be in one of those action pics of the most twisted, longest, loopiest roller coaster.

10.  My head feels like it could be stunt double in The Exorcist.

11.  I become the poster child for most disorders in the DSM IV.

12.  I have sudden bursts of energy to the point I feel I can fly off a cliff but as soon as I jump, I would hit a brick fall bc the energy that was just there to make me fly, is just as quickly gone.
I've also never had pneumonia.  My best description I can come up with is that the heaviness feels like pachyderm sitting on your chest roasting marshmallows bc it burns when you cough.  And then there times I felt like I had a porcupine stuck in my throat. 
Yes, I was whiney and a wimp.  But this past week, I think I have finally completely recovered with the occasional coughing spasm that tends to hang on with this mess. 
Stay sanitized my friends...this stuff is brutal and it knows not that this is the worst time of the year deal with.