Smile for the Joy of Others

Smile for the Joy of Others

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Carpool has gone to the Buzzards

I don't say much about the perils of carpool, but the past 2 days warrant a shout-out

1. Car A isn't moving. The line has continued to inch closer to pick up and Car A is just sitting there while she is looking down at either her phone, book or Kindle. She has no idea of what is going on in front of her. Apparently, Car B is too nice, too scared or not paying attention either to honk and make Car A aware of the situation. I am Car C. I've had it. I'm done being patient... with people who can't quit texting or FBing long enough to get through carpool. As I am trying to make my way out of line to cut in front of Car A, Car F whizzes by, honking at Car A and proceeds to butt in line. Apparently, she's as done with it as I am.

2. Today, the buzzards were circling around carpool. I didn't see a dead animal. I'm convinced they are hoping that the amount time we have to wait in carpool due to the Car will be to their advantage one day.