Smile for the Joy of Others

Smile for the Joy of Others

Sunday, May 31, 2009

From Lawn Boy to Yawn Boy!

If only his lawn mower really did cut grass. He insisted on cutting the backyard with Stuffins. Yes, we still have adventures with that dog. BB worked hard at cutting the grass. He had to hold Stuffins just like Daddy holds him (BB) when they cut the grass.
And of course what does any hard working man do after a long day....

See you later, HB

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Busy Times

We are busy making repairs to some household needs and packing. The boys will be going to VBS next week. JB and I will hopefully finish the packing and moving furniture to storage. He has next week off before starting June 8th.

We have upgraded our Courthouse membership to include another facility that has a pool. I will be glad to get the boys to the pool for some summer fun and use up some of this energy.

They will have swimming lessons within the next few weeks. I have to admit that I am not looking forward to this. They both have a certain fear of water and overcoming it will require some tough love and tough teaching. But I know it's for good of their safety.

Until next time, See you later, HB

Friday, May 22, 2009

The Big Day...

Oh, the big day. That day is different for everyone depending on the occasion. For some it's their wedding day, graduation day, day a child is to be born, day a child is to be adopted, surgery, vacation, engagement, and the list can go on.

For us, the big day was making the decision as which way we leap into the faith of God. Either where we currently live or to relocate somewhere else.

Well, on our most recent big day, we made the decision to relocate to Greenville. As I mentioned in the previous post, this is the most significant decision we have ever had to make in our married life. There are still some uncertainties but we both have a calming peace about the decision we made.

From the phone call of allowing us 2 more days to the moment JB gave his 2 weeks notice to his current employer other events happened that we felt were confirmations from God. Circumstances that only He could have orchestrated.

One in particular that happened was an email. Yes, a mere email that I felt was all God. I have a cousin, Todd, that is a pastor in South Carolina. The last time I had spoken with Todd was in November at a family wedding.

No offense, Todd, but I rarely hear from him especially through email. He stays very busy with his growing church and family. Time just does not allow him to answer or communicate much through email. The last email that he received from me was regarding JB's position loss as the Corporate Trainer and placed in a commission only job back in Feb. This email was a general email telling loved ones and friends of JB's recent job situation and if they needed furniture to ask for JB.

Anyway, Wednesday morning when I checked my email, I saw that I had an email as a reply from Todd to that February email. It simply stated the following:


Hey, hope you guys are doing fine. I had you all on my mind this morning and said a prayer for you. What is the latest on Jeremy’s job situation? I understand things have been tough".

When I responded with our situation he replied back with this:

Today’s Prayer,
“Father in Heaven, I ask you to bless JB and HB with wisdom and insight in this decision that is before them. You certainly know all the plans, hopes, dreams, and paths that You have planned for their lives. Reveal to them your perfect plan. As you do, give to them Your perfect peace. Right now it is easy for them to see all the obstacles. There are obstacles to staying. There are obstacles to moving. Remind them, however, that in the center of your will, all obstacles become opportunities. In these days of decision, simply guide them to what is Your very best. Make your will very clear so that as the final decision is made, no wavering or doubt remains in the heart. Take Care of every need that JB, HB, CB, and BB encounter. Show them your faithfulness in meeting the needs for every detail of their lives. Thank you for the faith that they exhibit. Lead them by that Faith. In Jesus Name, Amen.”

Holly, thanks for the update on your situation. I had no idea of the matter that was before you. Perhaps 6 weeks ago Mom did mention Trustmark and Greenville to me but I had no idea you were at a point of having to make a decision. We love you guys and support you in whatever God leads you to do. We will continue to pray diligently for you during this period.

Todd and family

I mean really. I haven't heard from him since November and God put on his heart to email me. God revealed himself through Todd at a time I needed it most.

So, with other events that are similar to this just a little too personal to share with the world, we made our decision to go with more peace than the decision we had made to stay.

This bittersweet season of our life is just that, a season. We believe that God could be calling us to Greenville for more than a job. And he may call us back here again one day. So we don't say "Good Bye", instead we say, "See you Later".

JB is to report June 8th. All the living arrangements have not been completed and are still being detailed. We ask for prayers that this transition go as smoothly as possible.

Until next time, See you late, HB

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Trying to Find God's Will...

JB and I are at the most difficult time we have ever been in our married life. His commission job has been minimal to say the least. We are maintaining but he comes home so discouraged, frustrated and just tired. He works 10 hours days with nothing to show for it.

To put it in perspective, he has to sell $20,000 worth of furniture a week to maintain our living situation. And we live the most simply that we can. Our cars are paid for, his is 10 years old with 150,000 miles while mine 7 years old with 75,000 miles. We live in a 1500 square feet of the smallest in our city. It's over 30 years old. Most of our furniture is handed down with the exception of our 2 couches and the boys' bed. Needless to say we would like new furniture.

JB has a job opportunity to go back to Trustmark as a Branch Manager. While this opportunity is prime at best, the location is not. This would relocate us to Greenville. While the opportunity is one many would love in this economy, it has our hearts torn.

God has continued to open doors for this job but there are other facets of this move that are so unclear and uncertain. The living situation in Greenville is not necessarily the best especially compared to where we live now. We have such a fear of getting up their and getting trapped. The housing market is not moving at all in either locations but especially in Greenville. You know, people are not just flocking to move to Greenville.

As for the job, we can't find a negative aspect about it. The people he has met at the Branch have been the nicest. They have all been there 5 years or more. Very stable branch and employees. A manager's dream.

While the salary is not what he asked for, it is acceptable. The benefits far out way what he has now. Insurance is better, vacation is better (compared to the none he has now), the hours are so much better (the branch closes at 4 except on Fridays and he wouldn't have to work Saturdays). The boys miss him and are so confused as to when daddy will be home. So when reflecting on the actual job and its benefits, you couldn't ask for better, especially during this economy.

He has applied to 10 different companies here in the metro area. None have responded even with a phone call to thank him for his interest. Most jobs are either "frozen" or being eliminated. Trustmark is the only company that has responded with the only door that has been opened. However, the living situation is just not as positive and clear cut. There is a slight possible chance of going to a public school if we live right outside of Greenville. If we live within Greenville, private is the only option.

After several visits to Greenville, we had to give our final decision today. JB came to me this morning with tears saying that he just couldn't do it. He just couldn't move us up there with the living situation being so uncertain. He hated to pass up a great job opportunity but the uncertainty of living out burdened the opportunity of this job.

He has been off today so he called the HR rep he has been working with and told her that he respectfully declined. He hung up with a feeling of "did I just pass up God's will for us". But we said that we made the decision and we can't look back. We will just start praying for God to bless the decision that we made and look forward to His future will.

Well, wouldn't you know that 2 hours later, she called JB back and said that they really want him there and she wanted him to think about it 2 more days. Now we are asking if this is God's 2nd chance to follow his will and to take that extreme leap of faith that the housing and living will be taken of. It's easy to think He will but it's always hard to believe it. It will truly be the biggest step of faith we have ever had to take in our married life.

This situation is definitely testing our trust in God and ability to hand our burdens and control over to him. Either way, we have to trust him...whether we stay here or move. We certainly don't want to be a missionary (in the sense of the word) that asks God to open doors and lead us to a better job opportunity only to limit him as to where we are willing to go. Another words, we don't want to say, "here we are send us"...but just not to Greenville. Understand?

Regardless of what we decide, I am most proud of my husband. He takes great pride in providing for his family. He doesn't expect our parents to take up the slack where we lack, he doesn't expect for life to be handed to him. He works hard with a work ethic that any wife and employer should be proud of.

When I married him, I vowed for richer or for poorer, well here we are. I am committed to that vow and wouldn't have it any other way. As a wife, I am to support my husband even when during uncertainty and there is no one else I would rather take this journey with. I love him as a husband, as a father to our boys and as my best friend.

Thanks to those that have supported us during this time. While you can't make the decision for us, you have certainly helped with your kind words and prayers.

My parents weren't too keen on the idea at first, understandably so. But they have become the best parents during this situation. My mom and dad have given such encouraging words and love. I wish I could only have the words to express what that has meant to me. I guess if you could see my heart when I think about their love for us, only then would you be able to understand.

I am 32 years old. I have lived here for those 32 years. I would be leaving all that I know about living in this state. I would be leaving the only support that I have while rearing my boys. But my parents' blessing and support has made this so much easier and will certainly make it easier to come home.

So please pray that we will see his will clearly and that we will have the utmost faith needed to follow it. It is a hard decision and one that ways on JB greatly. We have become emotionally tired of having this "hang" over our heads for the past 2 months.

Until next time, HB

Friday, May 15, 2009

End of the Year

This past Monday night, the boys participated in their school's End of the Year Program. They sang 2 songs and the whole event lasted all of 30 minutes. However, whether it's 30 minutes or an hour, I was proud of them.
This past year, both the boys have grown from their experiences at school. They've made new friends and learned the alphabet. Not to mention new social and playing skills. Their teacher has been most complimentary of their behavior. Ms Jennifer has been great for BB. She has helped "bring out" some of his personality and you could tell it during the program.
I am so proud of my boys and the progress they made throughout the year. It's been a confirmation that we made the right decision to enroll them last summer for this past year.
Their last day for the school year is this coming Tuesday. We will miss school but definitely look forward to the summer fun.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Another Type of Flu?

The other morning before I got out of bed...I was petting Gizzie our pet dog (peek a poo). As I was petting her she sneezed on me.

JB happened to be walking through while getting ready for work. He turned to me and said, "Be careful, you may now get the peek a poo flu!"

No symptons yet, but if there are I'll be sure to alert the media in order to spread awareness.