Smile for the Joy of Others

Smile for the Joy of Others

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Another One Bites the Dust

CB: "BB, cut this"

BB: {snip with scissors}

CB: "Why did you do that????!!!!" (shocked that BB actually did what he told him to do)

BB: "You told me to!!"

CB: "But, I was just playing!!!"

Another toy has bitten the dust around here. Seems to be the norm when rearing boys. They are now 1 less a Wii nun chuck. Why? Because CB told BB to cut the cord. So he did it...No thinking about impulse control. CB said "cut it"; BB said "snip" and then CB freaked.

Why won't he obey me like that?

Back into the Swing of Things

We are getting back into the swing of things...literally. We started T-Ball practice last week and with a few more practices to go, games are soon to follow.

This year JB is a head coach so of course we are the Trustmark Braves. We have 11 players ranging from the ages 4 to 6. I just love watching the little 4 year olds play. They are sweet and innocent not worrying about the rules or wins...just playing and having fun. Makes me wish mine were younger and not growing up so fast.

As typical, BB shows minimal interest even though it was his choice to play again this year. And CB can't get enough of it. He thinks there should be practice every day and the season should be year round. CB doesn't want practice evenings to end and BB is constantly asking "when is it over?" He understands that he has to finish the season since he agreed to join the team. He enjoys batting and running but standing in the field makes him grow old and bored.

This past weekend we all ventured to DSU to watch their double header in baseball. On the way there, CB couldn't wait to get there...BB was asking if we were gonna be there long. JB's mom was visiting so she was able to help entertain while JB and I relaxed and watched the game. I actually enjoyed going to the game better than I thought. They have covered seats so the heat was bearable. In fact, JB and I went back Sunday afternoon to watch them finish out the series.

We hope to make it back up there this coming weekend. Makes for a fun family outing here in the Delta.

As for my recovery, I have had another surgery since my last post. It was my 4th. He had to reopen the wound b/c the outside healed before the inside. But I think I am finally in the final days of recovery. I have since been able to do wound care 2 times a week instead of 3 allowing me to come back home with my family. I now drive 2 to 2 1/2 hours one way twice a week but being with my family is worth it. My wound has about 1/2" left to heal. The past few weeks, my doctor has packed it instead of my wound care nurse b/c he has had to watch it so closely to keep the outside from healing before the inside again. I keep hoping the next trip will be the last. Despite my situation, I've enjoyed visiting with my doctor, his nurse and my wound care nurse. They have all become a blessing in their own way!

Until next time...batter up!