Smile for the Joy of Others

Smile for the Joy of Others

Thursday, May 20, 2010

K4 and Beyond

Yesterday was the boys' last day of K4. It was also their last day at First Presbyterian Preschool here in Greenville.

We had a great year thanks to their teacher Ms Cyndi and the other staff, Ms Caroleen, Ms Ashley, and Ms Brittney.

I especially appreciate Ms Cyndi for the care she gave to my boys during their first school year as new students to FPP and Greenville. As a mother, you want to be comfortable with who you leave your children with. Ms Cyndi provided that comfort for me from the first day I dropped them off at an unfamiliar school. She assured me that they were in good hands and proved it for the rest of the year. My boys made great friends as well as improving their learning skills.

One of the advantages of moving to G'ville is that JB only has a 5 t0 10 minute commute to work. And his work hours compliment school hours. I would get up; get the boys ready for school and JB would take them and I picked them up at 11:30.

Their "End of the Year" program was a few weeks ago. Part of their program included each of the 4 year old students telling what they wanted to be when they grow up. They each had a few lines to learn about the profession and had to dress the part.

CB chose to be a baseball player; imagine that. He stood in front of the sanctuary dressed as baseball player in his T-Ball uniform. "Someday I'll be a baseball player, now just you wait and see. I'll swing my bat and catch the ball. You can watch me on TV."

BB chose to be a policeman. He, too, stood in front of the sanctuary dressed as a policeman in a uniform he got for Christmas. "A policeman is what I'll be. So don't be surprised one day. When I give you a ticket and you have to pay."

My mom and dad were able to come for the program and they brought fish to fry! So after the program we all headed back to the house for a fish fry! It was delish.

So next year they will begin K5. Until then...I'm gonna enjoy this summer with them and the blessing it will bring.

Friday, May 14, 2010

How To Provoke Your Child into Anger

How can you provoke your child into anger (Eph. 6:24)? …Here are some easy steps:

1. Spoil him.

2. Give him everything he wants, even more than you can afford. Just charge it so you can get him off your back.

3. When he does wrong, nag him a little but don’t spank him.

4. Foster his dependence on you. Don’t teach him to be independently responsible. Maintain his dependence on you so later drugs and alcohol can replace you when he’s older.

5. Protect him from all those mean teachers who want to discipline him from time to time. And threaten to sue them if they don’t let him alone.

6. Make all of his decisions for him because he might make mistakes and learn from them if you don’t.

7. Criticize his father to him, or his mother, so your son or daughter will lose respect for his parents.

8. Whenever he gets into trouble, bail him out. Besides if he faces any real consequence, it might hurt your reputation.

9. Never let him suffer the consequences of his behavior. Always step in and solve his problems for him so he will depend on you and run to you when the going gets tough and never learn how to solve his problems.

10. If you want to turn your child into a delinquent, let him express himself anyway he feels like it.

11.Don't run his life, let him run yours.

12. Don't bother him with chores. Do everything for him then he can be irresponsible all his life and blame others when things don’t get done right.

13. Be sure to give in when he throws a temper tantrum.

14. Believe his lies because it’s too much hassle to try to sort through to get the truth.

15. Criticize others openly; criticize others routinely so that he will continue to realize that he is better than everybody else.

16. Give him a big allowance and don’t make him do anything for it.

17. Praise him for his good looks, never for character.

Credit where it's due: I got this from a customer's blog...

John MacArthur
God’s Pattern for Parents – Part 2, The article originally appeared ( at © 1969-2008. Grace to You.