Smile for the Joy of Others

Smile for the Joy of Others

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Some Friend They Are

My Boys: "Mama, we are so cited (excited) about our best friend's birthday party!" Me: "what's his name?" Boys:"ummm, I don't know. We forgot."

Monday, February 20, 2012

Let's Play Catch Up

Well, as usual, I have to play catch up when I decide to blog. And, wow, when you stop blogging your mind becomes rusty. So you'll have to excuse this rusty writing as I try to oil the wheels. Since my last post.. Yes, we now live back in my hometown after a 2 year stint in the Delta. JB had the opportunity to transfer back with bank. He also received a title promotion and has been selected to attend Banking School. Congrats, to my sweet hubby. The boys are repeating K5 this year at our local public school. No regrets in having them repeat. They are in the same class and doing well. They have made new friends who they can't wait to invite home to play as soon as we get our own home. We have been living with my parents since September while we try to sell our home in GVille. So grateful for their willingness. But we are ready to be on or own. So, we now have a contract on a home that we hope to close on within the next month. Nervous about having 2 mortgages but excited about getting back to our family of 4. I've started back in the working world. I work at a local preschool. I get to love on babies everyday. This job is a blessing to me that God entrusted me with. I am off just in time to pick my boys up from school and I get the same holidays as their school so I'm home when they are. The best of both worlds with a little extra spending money. I haven't been able to continue Hollypops due to space issues but hope to when space allows. BB just finished his first season of Upward Basketball. He enjoyed it and we enjoyed watching him develop more athletic skills, social skills, confidence all in a Christian perspective. CB chose not to play this year. I think it was a great experience for BB to play a sport separate from his brother. We have registered CB for Spring basesball. He played fall ball and loved it. He can't wait for Spring ball as this will be his first 'real' season of coach pitch. JB will be assisting with coaching as well. We have recently added 2 new members to our family thanks to Pappaw. 2 gold fish. These have lived over a week unlike the 4 unfortunate before them. Oh, I bought me a Kindle Fire with my Christmas money and Love it. In fact, I'm blogging from it! Happy Trails, The Family Bond PS please excuse the run on paragraphs. Some things never change with Blogger.